Gary US Bonds Send A Special Message to Toby & Layla Followers

Gary US Bonds is a Legendary Rock

and Roll Artist that has inspired

many of the great artists over time

like Bruce Springsteen and

Steven Van Zandt. He is one of the first Global

Village Champions alongside Muhammad Ali.

He stopped by our blog today with a special message for our followers about the work we are doing to support Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts.

Please Help Us Rebuild Haiti… we can’t do it alone.

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  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks Dave… we’re working directly with Global Village Champions Muhammad Ali, Celine Dion, Gary US Bonds, and so many other celebrities that are committed to rebuilding Haiti. It’s a large job…. but some Internet Marketing leaders are stepping up to the challenge.

  • Dave

    Hi Layla,

    I saw your youtube video about commenting to get better google ranking. It was very helpful. I just wanted to take time out to check out your site and leave you a comment. I also think it’s cool how you mention Haiti on your website and take time off from Marketing to address the problem over there. I hope to check out your site more this afternoon and hopefully find some great tips!

    Thanks again,


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