Gender Reveal Party Ideas: Toby and Layla’s Tear Jerking Reveal Moment Caught on Camera

Gender Reveal Parties are all the Rage. Ours was an emotional one.

I have researched some fun ideas that you can use in your own Gender Reveal Party!

Many people have been following the story of our little baby (Currently 23 weeks along at the time of this Blog Post) and the development. There was much debate circulating the internet… “Boy or Girl?”


(See Below for other Gender Reveal Party ideas)

gender reveal partyMy mom came to our 20 week ultrasound. We were all really excited and of course hearing the heart beat and seeing the face and hands and toes on the screen is always surreal. We told the technician not to tell us the Gender, but to only tell my MOTHER.

Luckily our Gender Reveal Party was the next day so I didn’t have to wait too long!

Talk about a way to make Grandma feel really special. My Mom loved being the only one that knew, she loved all the people asking her, she loved the power lol.

She went out and bought a cute outfit, either Boy or Girl and we would open the gift the next day at the Gender Reveal Party.

Press Play on the Youtube Video Below to see the moment of our Gender Reveal Party captured on Camera. (Get your Kleenex out)

Did you watch all the way to the end…. Do you know the Gender of our new Baby????


gender reveal party ideas

I can’t wait to see her in that little pink flower hat! And all the beautiful girly outfits she will be wearing. The Gender Reveal Party Ideas don’t stop there though!

Now that everyone knows it’s a girl we keep getting asked about her name.

YES we do have her name picked out, and you can check back to see some cool ideas I found to actually reveal the Name 🙂

But yes, you have to wait until she is born!!!


1. Always have someone on camera duty!!!! I don’t know how many times we’ve watched the gender reveal party video and relived that moment. (Watch our video moment above)

2. Cupcakes or Cakes with the Pink or Blue Filling  to reveal the Gender (Super Easy with Food Coloring)

Gender Reveal Cake Boy

3. Hershey Chocolate Bars with Pink and Blue Highlighter

Gender Reveal Party Ideas Simple

4. Awesome Gender Reveal Photography Ideas. (See more Gender Reveal Photography Ideas here)

Gender Reveal Photography Ideas

5. Cast Your Vote! I have seen people use chalk boards, bracelets, or moustaches. So many awesome Gender Reveal ideas!!!

Gender Reveal Party

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