Learn Our Simple Formula For Getting Your Spouse Involved!


Is getting your spouse involved with what you are doing getting you down?

Wouldn’t if be nice even to have your spouse just believe in you?

I wrote a killer email the other day laying out how we have helped team members of ours to

get their spouse on board with what ever they are doing.

Enjoy it and implement it if this applies to you.

If this is a major problem for you…

Welcome to the Club.

Well I am lucky to have my amazing partner Layla on board. But we helped my Dad and

many other team members battle the challenge of getting their spouse on board.

Do you get that sick feeling in your stomach, when your spouse looks at your credit card

statement, to see you have spent more money you can’t afford on things they don’t believe in?


It doesn’t feel good, does it?

Kind of makes you feel worthless.

Like what you are doing has NO worth.

Well congratulations because today could be the last day of this pain ever happening again.


Because we are going to reveal our Two Step-Process for getting any Spouse on

board with what you are doing in your biz.

You ready?


So first thing you must do is…


1. Sit down and have a face to face with your spouse, on exactly why you are doing

this. Go into detail what you see in your future with your spouse.

Talk about what it is that’s driving you. The freedom, the stress-free living, the travel etc…

What ever it is that’s driving you to do your business. Make sure your spouse knows.


2. Give them a Reason to Believe. <<< This is A HUGE ONE!

– Fare enough you may not be making the money you want right now in your business.

BUT. There is other ways to get your spouse to believe in what you are doing.

What are they you ask?

The see a new and improved you. Because in your industry self- development is such

a huge key to success. If you are properly doing your reading, listening and implementing

on self-development training.


Your loved ones should notice a difference in your perspective, mind-set, communication

and so much more. You should be more relaxed in your day to day routine. When you are

more relaxed, you communicate better.


When you communicate better your internal & external relationships are better. When the

relationships are good in your life and ‘flowing’ how they should be. Your and your families

way of life is dramatically improved.


Your spouse doesn’t need to see a million dollars come in right away. Because at the end of the day.

It’s not about that. It’s about the quality of life you and your family are having.

You can improve that even before you start to earn massive commission in your business.

So to sum what we have been talking about here.


Improve the quality in you and your spouses life today, by being more relaxed in situations,

communicating your feelings and dreams with each other and make sure you have time for each other.


No matter how business you are. Make time for moments of bliss. When it’s just you and them.


Have an amazing day and make it count,



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