Urgent Blog Post: Haiti Earthquake Relief to Rebuild the Nation TONIGHT!

Hello Friends…

We shot this very very very special video to spread the word about our Hope for Haiti Phonathon tonight.

Global Village and Global Village Champions Muhammad Ali, Celion Dion, and Michael Jordan and so many more are getting serious about the future of this country!

Please Retweet this post and help us make a real difference to those in need.


Song Tribute “Thier Love” performed by Toby Black & Layla Staats

Make Sure to BOOKMARK this link and join us tonight at 10PM EST while we make history!!!


See our most recent trip to Haiti… our 5th drop!

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  • Toby & Layla

    Hahaha thanks Zach! There were SO many people on our call last night that the lines jammed! So if you missed it, we will be publishing the recorded version soon!!!!!

  • Zack Covell

    Hey, look @ that…you two should have hopped onto American Idol.

    Layla, you have a beautiful voice and you’re a talented singer when “scooping.”

    I’ll see you on the call.


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