HELP! My Husband Hates My Network Marketing Company….(Valentine’s Day Heartbreak?)

Sorry to touch on such a sore spot on this day of LOVE…. but this might be the slap in the face you’re business has been needing.

If you clicked this blog post it’s probably because you’ve felt some resistance about your Network Marketing Company from your spouse.

Guess what… you’re not the only one!

Many Network Marketers are in the exact same boat. Their Husband… or their wife… does not support them in their Quest to Build their Network Marketing Company.

It’s not easy is it? To commit yourself to building the Lifestyle of your Dreams but to have the one you love the most … not believe in you.

It’s demotivating to have your LIFE PARTNER telling you that it will never work, when you’ve been busting your butt… dealing with rejection and failure and ups and downs, isn’t it? It’s hard to keep going….

I have been lucky to have the most amazing husband in the world, and together we have build a Multiple 6 Figure income in our first  2 years in Network Marketing. So when our team would complain about unsupportive spouses, it was hard for me to fully comprehend just how difficult that must be.

I want to tell you a story that truly WOKE ME UP this past weekend. For YEARS people have been asking me: “How do I get my spouse to support my Network Marketing Company?”

Paige Briggs was no different. She’d been in a couple of Network Marketing companies and though her husband helped fund her businesses, he never really took it seriously. Let me tell you a bit about Kevin Briggs, Paige’s husband.

Kevin Briggs is the owner of 14 Sonic Restaurants in Florida. He is extremely busy, and actually told us that his ELECTIC BILL alone for his businesses was $50,000 a month and $200,000 a month in RENT. So to him, Paige’s “HOBBY” of Network Marketing was never something he saw as a REAL Business.


Paige dragged her husband out to the Visalus Body By Vi Regional Event in Orlando. After he saw the Power behind Visalus, After he saw the Team that Paige was working with, After he saw REAL people on stage making 5 Figures a MONTH with only $29/month overhead… he was HOOKED.

By the end of the 3 day weekend Kevin Briggs was on camera, with his shirt off… making his Health Goals public to the world. (This was a husband that had never even considered Network Marketing to be a REAL Business in the past.)

Paige Briggs is a natural born leader, she has been talking to every single person she knows and went Rising Star in her first few days. But after this weekend, after seeing the FIRE in Kevin’s eyes, after knowing that she had her husband’s full SUPPORT…


How awesome would it be to have your Spouse supporting you 110% in your Network Marketing Company?

Not only is Kevin supporting Paige, but after being home for only 18 hours he’s already brought in his FIRST Promoter! Paige told us he already has follow-ups scheduled to close more of his contacts!

  • Imagine of YOUR spouse was out there making calls….

  • Imagine if YOUR spouse was as excited about your Network Marketing Company as you are….

  • Imagine if YOUR spouse was signing up Promoters for you!?!?!

Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? Well if ONE EVENT Changed all of that for Paige Briggs, why not you too?

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  • Debbie

    I love this story. I have heard so many spouses not being supportive until there is some type of switch. It was awesome Paige’s husband Kevin did support her by going to the Regional. I bet Kevin has now seen the big picture!

  • Brock Blohm

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Kick-butt story!

    Glad to hear one more person in the world now has the vision of everybody else in NM, and sees the power that these companies have. I think it’s time for him to sell a few Sonics and focus on this!

    Keep it up guys!

  • DeQuarius

    hahaha This Blog post was very creative and true.. sometimes are biggest critics are those who we love the most… great post!

    DeQuarius Beverly
    The Marketing Prodigy

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