“Honey I Shrunk the Kids” – Disney Land’s Hollywood Studios on a Monday

Honey I Shrunk the Kids was a favorite childhood movie for me. I would picture myself sliding down the giant strands of grass, eating the giant cookie, and riding on the big giant ant.

406325_10151363549609902_1710330043_nDisney Land, new theme park Hollywood Studies is filled with lots of movie memories from my childhood, but Honey I Shrunk the Kids was an all time fav.

We often think about taking our kids to Disney Land, but I want to think of you. When is the last time you let the big kid inside of you out?

Life has told us over and over that you have to WORK HARD, and there isn’t time for fun. We have to go to work every day, 40 hours a week, for 40+ years… and THEN maybe when you’re 65 and retired you’ll have time for fun. However you certainly won’t have the money for fun, because who can really live off a pension and travel the world?

I actually can hear my parents voices in my head saying…

“You can’t have too much fun! Get serious Layla.”

Anyone else hear that?

I am here to tell you that the voice in your head, and the lies you’ve been told your whole life about WORK… or just that, lies.

I haven’t had a job in 4 years. My last job was stuck behind a cubicle for 3 years of my life, with the same depressing people and the same depressing life. I’d get my coffee every morning, put my headset on, and start dialing. Literally making sales calls for 8 HOURS a day, 5 Days a week… only to carpool with some weird guy for an HOUR each way too and from work.


  • 1 Hour to get ready, dreading my day.
  • 1 Hour to carpool with the weird guy to get to work.
  • 8 Hours of Sales Calls from the cubicle.
  • 1 Hour to get HOME with the weird guy.

—>By the time dinner was cooked and finished, I’d have 2 hours to ZONE OUT with some mind numbing tv before going to bed to do it all again.

X 5 Times a week.

That’s 55 hours a week spent wishing I was somewhere else.

Can you relate?

Now let’s fast forward to present moment….

  • I wake up when I am done sleeping
  • Walk my dog
  • Create this Blog Post
  • Travel WHENEVER I WANT because all I need to make money is my iPhone and my Mac
  • Surround myself with INSPIRED people
  • Spend my whole day with my soul mate
  • Sometimes spend the whole day in bed 😉
  • Spend my Mondays in Disney Land!

I’ve got a secret.

I am not the only one living this life. Check out our Team and hear the other success stories of people who have taken control back in their life and have never been HAPPIER.

Press Play on the video below and see my Honey I Shrunk the Kid Experience!

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  • Lezlie

    OMG I loved that movie!!! Great post! Thanks for the info.

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