How a Thanksgiving Story Made Him $1,476.88 in a Week



We were forwarded this message this morning and it touched us so much we knew we had to share it with you.

His name is John Care. He is a 45 year old native of Kalamazoo Michigan. He was born and raised in Michigan and lived the blue collar lifestyle his entire life. He has three beautiful little girls, and his youngest Katie was in her very first year of school. This is his story….

“I have never been a wealthy man. My life has never been plentiful of material goods and treasures. However, I have always worked extremely hard, waking up at 4:30am six days a week to work long gruelling hours in the plant on Riverview Dr.

My daughters never went without, and my wife Sarah never went a day without knowing she was the love of my life.

This all changed in the month of September. My boss of 18 years pulled me into his office with the signs of stress running down his forehead. As the door shut behind me I knew my time was up.

“John, I am sorry my friend…”

I gave him a nod and left the building for the last time.

I will never forget the drive home that afternoon. It was 1:36 pm and I usually did not walk through my front door until 3:15. Sarah must have been able to see the despair on my face because she immediately put her arms around me and told me “Everything will be okay, John.”

Everything would be okay, I told myself again. I was determined to find work and support my family. Sarah was working part-time answering phones at a Dentist office and asked for more hours until I could get a job. We had a little bit of savings to keep us afloat for a couple of months.

I scoured the classified ads morning after morning. I called every last friend in my address book asking if they knew of anywhere that was hiring. Everyone always wished they could help, but couldn’t.

Where were all the jobs?

Even though I felt alone, I knew that I wasn’t. 31,000,000 people were jobless just like me, with families to feed, houses to keep, and winter hydro bills soon to come.

I knew with this amount of people unemployed and the state of the economy right now, I would have to do something a little bit different. Finding a job wasn’t going to happen.

It was an email titled…

“Lost Your Job? There are no Jobs… What’s the Answer? – The Internet”

I had used the internet of course. I knew how to check emails, send emails, my wife had even got me set up on Facebook. I could Google things here and there. But could I make an income from it?

I decided to open the email and research this.

It spoke about building your Financial Freedom and the growth of the Home Based Business industry online. With 31 Million jobless, there were thousands upon thousands joining every week. The Internet was connecting billions all over the globe and suddenly a light went off in my head and I believed this was the solution I had been waiting for.

I acted on impulse most likely driven by my need to get some kind of income coming in. I purchased my starter kit at $250.00 and was excited to start building my business.

That excitement didn’t seem to last long. Sarah’s face looked tired as I sat her at the kitchen table. I tried to explain the email to her, and how people were making great incomes with their home based businesses. I told her eventually she could quit her job too and how wonderful it would be for us both to be home together with the girls.

“Give your head a shake John. The Internet?!”

This was not the reaction I had expected.

“You need to get a real job. Our money is almost gone, our phone bill is due, and you just spent $250.00 on a SCAM.”

*** PART TWO ***

With all the stress, and the emotional rollercoaster I’d been riding on for the past 2 months I didn’t have the energy to put up a fight. So I slept on the couch and she went to bed.

The next morning breakfast was silent between us, but the giddy laughter of the girls hid our tension. The pressure from last night’s argument and the innocent sparkle in Katie’s smiling face motivated me to make this $250.00 work.

So I did exactly what I thought I should do, and went back to the address book. I made list of all the people under “A” and sat down and called them.

Four hours later and now on the letter “M” not one single friend had welcomed my call, let alone wanted to join me on this business venture.

“John, is that one of those pyramids?”

“Aren’t those illegal, John?”

“What have you gotten yourself into?”

“Those things never work!”

Day in, day out, I heard the same rejection over and over again. I headed out to the malls to see if I could do any better with people that didn’t know me … face to face.

The holidays were approaching and the malls were busy with shoppers. I was in my best suit and looking as sharp as I knew how. With Thanksgiving dinner looming over my head, people must have seen the desperation on my face because everyone rushed past me without a glance.

This was hopeless. The only person willing to talk to me was a kind old lady who smiled at me and asked me if I knew where the winter jackets were located.

I headed home without one single phone number. With every number from A-Z crossed out in my black book, I knew this was the end.

I pulled a seat at the table and rested my forehead against the cold surface. I could hear the girls approaching faintly from the street.

Katie burst through the door with a laugh and a bit of a stumble.

Daddy, Daddy! I made you a Turkey today in school with these Popsicle sticks! Cause tomorrow is Thanksgiving.”

Trying to hold my tears back, and knowing there would be no Turkey this year I pulled her up into my arms and said, “That is the best looking Turkey I’ve ever seen. I love you Katie.”

With the girls in bed and my wife upstairs in the room that we used to share, I was downstairs staring at a blank screen. This computer was supposed to be my solution, not another problem.

There was no money left so I went to the website where that first email had been sent. For the past 2 nights I had been up all night clicking through sites trying to build free credits so I could send an email, like the one I had received, to thousands of people.

As I clicked, and clicked, and clicked… I tried to think about what I could write. Telling people about my business hadn’t worked. Telling them how much money we could make hadn’t worked.

What was the answer?

All this selling was getting me no where, I decided not to promote my business, but to offer the Marketing tool that had got me started in a home based business in the first place. Everyone could use a tool that could email 3000 people, right?

So I did the only thing I knew that was honest and true, I wrote my story. I am not the best typer, and I am not a writer, so it took me until 6:00 am to finish this story for you.

I know the power of this marketing web service is worth the money, and I know that thousands are using it to create massive wealth. Maybe I don’t know how yet, but in reading my story I would click the link. Would you?

From the bottom of my heart, have a very Happy Thanksgiving and always be thankful for what you have in life.


John Care.”

This email and the incredibly valuable email service that John was promoting went on to make him $1,476.88 that week. This is the awesome power of Email marketing.

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