How Facebook Spamming is Killing Your Websites Google Power.

SPAMMING: It’s a common mistake that most newbies make on Facebook.

There is so much FREE Realestate on Facebook that the untrained marketer usually turns to SPAM. Most people have not been trained how to properly Market and BRAND themselves. If you are new and you are reading this Blog Post, then understand this….

People could care less about your Comp Plan, your Green Products, or your Business Opportunity Webinar on Facebook. (And if you begin annoying people with your SPAM, you are doing more bad than good)

So what do they want? How can you get your websites out through Facebook without risking your site being marked as a SPAMMER?

People want direction, guidance, and leadership… not ORAC scores and Super Duper Triple Dipple Comp Plans.

With Facebook being the most visited site on the Internet, Google pays close attention to what Facebook says about you. You don’t want the most powerful site on the planet saying bad things about your site do you?

Press Play and Watch this Quick Tutorial on The Most Effective Way to Avoid Certain Website Death on Facebook and NOT BE A SPAMMER.

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  • Etieno Etuk

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Layla. You’ve just provided amazing value and I don’t mind sharing this with my social media friends.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  • Hezi

    Thanks Toby and Layla

    Definitively , you rock !!

  • Eric Martinson

    Thanks for this post – we need MORE training to keep people from doing so much stupid stuff on FB! 🙂

  • Terry Lynn Meyer

    Thanks Layla! Great information as usual. It is amazing how many people are just throwing their opportunities out there. Keep up the great work bringing value with you every step of the way.

  • Bryce Woodard

    really good information about not being a Facebook spammer. I also watched the video of your famous on facebook training inside MLSP and look forward to using some of the tips and tricks that were shared.

  • Michael Keyes

    Thanks, I totally messed facebook up when I started, I was doing what everyone else was doing because I thought that was right. I end up with a mess and had to start all over. I guess if you do the opposite of what the masses are doing you get better result.

  • Arnold Watson

    Layla, you and Toby have fantastic information to share!

  • James E Ratcliffe

    Spam was the most popular stuff in the Boy Scouts of America. The emergency-meal if you can’t light the campfire.
    Today it’s the terror of the health food industry. When temped to eat a “slidder” or White Castle, marketers feel they cannot resist, KEEP THIS WARNING VIDEO ON YOUR DESKTOP! Go ahead and slip in the “slidder” but DON’T SPREAD THE SPAM! Thanks Layla!

  • De 'Borah Fortune Stott

    That was great information. Many of the people out there spamming may just be marketing from a position of “not knowing”. NOW, they have no more excuses.

  • Arnold Watson

    You always have great value to offer and that’s just AWESOME!

  • Camilo Machado

    Great post as usual, Layla. I didn’t even know that Facebook marks your website link as spam if you’re tagged as a spammer. Always learning from you guys!

  • Steven

    You guys are so right! I am always amazed at how many people spam their offers on their wall or other group sites! I love how MLSP teaches us how to provide value on FB and not just spamming our “opportunity” to everyone.

    Steven Young
    The Leadership Dr

  • Aisha Black

    Hey Layla,
    Great information as usual. Some group moderators get and some don’t. Hopefully people will begin to learn the easy way and not learn by becoming the example.

  • Adriano Leszkowicz

    Hi, Layla

    Thanks for these post . Like always you give amazing value !
    We are now using what you teach in famous ib 60 Training and already generating leads !
    You Rock , rockstart

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