How to Create a Self Hosted WordPress Blog in Less than 5 Minutes (Shocking!)

We told our inner circle about this 3 Part video series over the weekend and the response was so insane, we wanted to make sure our Blog readers don’t miss it! (Because we Love you so much!)

Over the next week, we are going to blow the lid off the blogging industry.

Video #1 is already getting the attention of some well respected Gurus that are NOT HAPPY about us publishing this information. But we feel it’s time to lay the cards on the table and tell you exactly what the experts are hoping you and Layla and I never find out.

Is it actually possible or are we just blowing smoke up your skirt?

A Self Hosted WordPress Blog is Less than 5 Minutes… watch me.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what we have in store for you this week.

Imagine having the skill set to design professional designer blogs in less than 5 Minutes? You then become the valued asset, the highly sought after marketer.

Today starts the beginning of Training Video Sequence that will once and for all turn you into a Blogging Jedi, ready to Triumph in any Niche!

Why are we giving it away for Free? (Ooooh betchya like us even better now)

We are sick and tired of seeing people being taken advantage of. So called Gurus charging hundreds and thousands of dollars to set up simple wordpress blogs and then leaving the Blogger MORE IN THE DARK than they were before they signed the check over. Bloggers need to take back control and we want to share the best possible resources with you in this series.

You can understand why people are mad, right?

Those Bloggers that have been overcharged for a simple set up, or at the mercy of webdesigners know why. No more expensive Set Up fees for something you don’t understand. No more ending up just as lost as you started with a blog that you know nothing about. No more waiting to get in touch with the webmanager to make a change. No more living in the DARK when it comes to your blog. Get informed. Understand the simplicity of the set up.

Video #1 of the Series is So Shocking we Can’t Guarantee it Will be Live when you click below… BUT TRY ANYWAYS.

Show me the First Video So I can Know how to Build a Blog in 5 minutes Too!

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  • Matson Magleby

    Hey guys,
    That is a very cool video. It says video 2 and 3 are coming soon. I am looking forward to those.

    Congratulations on your recent wedding!

  • Raphael De Guzman

    Lol, Although it is weird but as I’m setting up my MLSP system(im on step 6 on the marketing bootcamp, and only generated a single lead so far.), I was thinking if I should set up my blog already, or where is the blogging part in the system set up?

    haha maybe a little help from you guys would suffice 🙂

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