How to Create a Testimonial Video and WHY You Want To Do As Many As Possible!!!

Are Testimonial Videos Over Rated….?

Are Testimonial Videos worth your time ….?

Why would you waste your time cutting a testimonial video just to edify SOMEONE ELSE.<- Let’s cover this first.

How to Create an Abundance Mindset is a huge topic that we couldn’t begin to cover in one blog post (That’s War Room stuff baby). You can read up on it later by clicking that hyperlink and checking out the article) But just know, that if you live with a scarcity mindset you will always have LACK. Never operate from the mindset of “What If They Join with Someone Else…” change it to “How can I be more valuable so I have more prospects than I know what to do with?” <— THAT should always be your focus.

First of all… by cutting testimonials for well known trainers, coaches, or systems… you tap into their BRAND POWER, and their trusting audience. (BONUS) You can use their name as a keyword and with the secrets we teach on SEO, your testimonial video becomes the first one people see! (BOOM)

Trust By Association : Your Face is your Brand… and now your Brand is Attached to a High Value Brand.

One of our first ever “BIG” videos where people first started seeing our face was a Testimonial Video. This crazy blogger, David Wood, released a new product and did a contest for the best testimonial. Well the two broke musician rookies WON. Our video was featured at the top of David Woods blog and thousands of people saw these two youngsters for the first time.


First thing we did… took MASSIVE ACTION on the skills that we’d learned from David Wood. Created tons of articles and started following his steps for ranking them. We documented our amazing results with screenshots.

Components of a Great Testimonial Video:

  2. Your Story
  3. Your Biggest Takeaway/Aha Moment
  4. PROOF – Show results of what you learned and what you’ve achieved
  5. TO THE POINT – Do not Ramble (2-3 minute max)

After the last Famous on Facebook Bootcamp we had tons of testimonials come in (You can watch more of the runners ups along the side of the blog) but there can only be ONE WINNER!!! I am so proud of my dear friend Carmen for the LEAPS and BOUNDS she has made with her online marketing.

Congratulations to Carman Hinson … tell me this face isn’t made for videos!!

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