How to Create an Abundance Mindset

You’re here because you’re wondering how to create an abundance mindset.

Maybe you’re wondering, what exactly is an abundance mindset?

First let’s talk about what it’s not.

Most people operate out of scarcity and lack. They hold on tightly to what they have for fear of losing it…. they rarely take risks… and they think opportunity is far and few between.

When you truly harness the power of abundance…. it’s earth shattering.

For example, I was talking in a recent article on our blog “How to Create a Testimonial Video” about how some people don’t like to give testimonial videos for OTHER PEOPLE because they think people will sign up with them instead.

But when you understand that there in a NEVER ENDING number of people who need your “value” and your “solution”… and you realize that Edifying OTHERS actually gives strength, credibility, trust, and exposure to YOUR brand…. your mind starts to open.

One of my biggest issues with abundance has always been money….

My family is very frugal and cautious with their money. My upbringing instilled beliefs of “Clearance” and “Cheap” into my head. So even though we have commas in our bank account… I still would struggle with spending $500 on a dinner.

When I realized that my mentality of HOLDING ON to money, rather than simply knowing that I WILL make wayyyyyy more…. THAT’S when I had my financial breakthrough.

I believe that our shift in developing a STRONG Abundance Mindset has been one of the most critical factors in our journey to Online Business Success. After hitting our first $100k Month…. it’s only UP from here 🙂

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