How To Create Subdomains With GoDaddy

Creating a Subdomain may sound like a foreign language to you right now. This is exactly why I decided to shoot this quick Step by Step tutorial video. I will show you just how it’s done.

Why should you use subdomains?

– You can create up to 90 capture pages with one domain! We are all trying to build on a budget aren’t we?

– You can get very specific and use infinite amounts of landing pages targeted to a particular company or training you are offering

– More exposure on your BRAND of your main Domain

So get Creative Folks with your Campaigns and your Subdomains!


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  • Toby & Layla

    Awesome Jacqueline, really glad it helped!

  • Jacqueline McGinnis

    Just what I was looking for. Good step by step within MLSP and GoDaddy for setting up subdomains. Thanks so much.

    Jacqueline McGinnis

  • Tami Ross


    I was just wondering about this today… and here it is. Glad I clicked through to your blog! Great step by step guide that I will be putting to use.


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