How to Create Your OWN 7 Day Bootcamp and Generate 50-100% More Leads on Auto-Pilot

The 7 Day Dirty Little Blogging Secrets Bootcamp has been getting a lot of attention from Top Bloggers all over the world!

“After just ONE WEEK… My Blog was Ranked 16,000,000 by Alexa and after the Bootcamp it dropped down to 1,000,000! I am so excited about this Bootcamp from Toby & Layla!” – Rachael MacGregor

So how can you make your own Bootcamp and offer MORE VALUE to your list?

The relationship you build with your list is by far the most important concept to master. Traffic and Leads are great, but if people don’t care about what your emails say and they aren’t EXCITED about opening your emails, then it’s kind of pointless isn’t it?

Check out the Sneak Peak Video that I cut to give you an Overview of the Powerful Info You’re Going to Learn

For those of you that haven’t gone through our 7 Day Dirty Little Blogging Secrets Bootcamp, you’ve got to check this out. This bootcamp has been getting such amazing feedback from those that have completed it… you will be missing out if you don’t take advantage of it. We basically give you the GUTS of our blog.

Here what people are saying about the Dirty Little Blogging Secrets Bootcamp (even in Scotland!)

If You Haven’t Seen Rachael’s Blog Yet… You’ll be BLOWN Away By How Much Value is There. This Rockstar is GOING PLACES!!!

Mark Fagoh  “I spent over $20,000 in Training on Internet Marketing and Learned More in an HOUR with Toby & Layla”


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  • David Clothey

    Hey Rockstars,

    Great mini-training on creating a boot camp. I came across a quote earlier that fits well with how you teach.

    “One of most powerful ways to seize the attention of your target market is to begin by entering the conversation already going on in their head.” Robert Collier (1937).

    The two of you have an amazing pulse of what people want to learn and are already thinking about…

    Keep rocking it, and lets connect on Facebook.

    -David Clothey

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