How to Erase Debt from Your Life and How I Flipped the Bird to Annoying Creditors


How incredible would it feel to Erase Debt from your life?

I don’t mean to offend anyone by being real here… but, How awesome would it feel to flip the bird at Annoying Creditors?

Everytime that phone would ring I would see that 1-888 Number and it would immediately bring back the heaviness I’d been trying to forget.

Who else has ignored the phone to avoid the PAIN of Creditors and Bill Collectors?

I knew I wasn’t the only one who was dealing with Debt Trouble and I definitely wasn’t the only one who experienced Anxiety and Stress from the Weight of this Debt. Infact more than 80% of North Americans list DEBT as one of their top stresses.

Rather than IGNORING those pesky creditor calls…. instead of pretending that looming debt doesn’t exist… rather than stressing and worrying and spending nights awake tossing and turning….

Create a PLAN of ACTION.

What can you do right now to move in the direction of “Debt-Free”. How can you get resourceful and start taking control back of your life? How can you Make Money Online?

Without the BS, without the scams, without the lies, without the Hype…

Watch this Video Where I Flipped the Bird at Annoying Creditors and Erased my DEBT from my Life.

If you are READY to Learn How to Make Money Online and ERASE Debt from your Life…. If You Want to Be Able to Tell Those Irritating Creditors Where to Go… Click the Link Below and Let us Show you How We Did it!

YES! I Want to Release the Weight of DEBT From My Life Now. Show Me HOW Toby & Layla!

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  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks Anthony… yes, it felt so freaking good to flip the bird to them. It’s terrible the weight that people feel from debt collectors… carrying it with them all the time. SO AWESOME to release it.

  • Anthony Henderson

    Yea, this is a good A** article. i remember the feeling of not wanting to look at my phone to see who was calling and it does feel good as ever to be able to flip the bird at the creditors. 🙂

  • Bob Cornell

    Have not had time to Explorer this information yet. Tank U Bob

  • Bob Cornell

    Would like to know more!

  • Toby & Layla

    WOW…. the comments on this blog post just validate the fact that I had to cut this video…

    Thank you everyone… now lets take action and Erase YOUR Debt.

  • Tanisha

    so inspirational love this. taking control

  • Amy

    Wow! I am so in that place. I have my own story of creditors and the reason why. Now its just to have the money to pay them. I avoid the calls everyday because I don’t have the money. Working on income streams.

  • Jaime Mondestin

    Toby is right this post is hilarious. Those creditor are very persistent. I feel where you are coming from Layla. I 4 calls from yesterday. I can’t help to think that maybe the creditors are being harass by other creditor as well.

  • Pat

    Layla, great post on a great and important topic
    Personal Debt in our country is KILLING INDIVIDUALS!!
    Our team has a Solution that Can & WILL get the People, regular folks out of debt and back into a High Self-Esteem!!
    However, In order to learn how to swim, people, You must get into the POOL…!!
    thanks Layla!!

  • Anne McAllister


    Congratulations on tackling an issue which is affecting a lot of people. The natural inclinition for most is to bury their head in the sand.
    Focus on creating wealth which will swamp the debt sounds like an empowered solution to me.
    You and Toby certainly know how to teach people to make money online.

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