How to Fund Your Network Marketing Business with Affliate Programs that PAY.

When Toby first got started in Network Marketing we were pushing a Healthy Juice (which shall remain nameless but rhymes with Shmonavie). We had some great results from the product so we were talking to EVERYONE we knew about Purple Juice. A few family members felt sorry for us and bought some of our energy drinks and Juice, but we were getting no where fast.

The Start of our Network Marketing Business: We would spend HOURS calling Craigslist People who were looking for JOBS and trying to convince them to buy a business that sells Juice. Talk about frustrating.


We met Norbert Orlewicz the founder of one of the largest Marketing Systems on the planet and he introduced us to the concept of a FUNDED PROPOSAL.

What is a Funded Proposal?

A generic Marketing System, Training Site, Course or Affiliate Tool that allows you to open up the door of conversation with ANY Marketer. By targeting people that already are in the Network Marketing industry you eliminate having to CONVINCE people. These prospects already BELIEVE. So you generate leads by Home Business owners opting in to get your training or your tool so they can grow their business.

A Funded Proposal Allows You to Profit from the People that say NO to your Network Marketing Business.

Right now if someone says NO to your Network Marketing business, are you still in a position to have a profitable business relationship with them? When you have a funded Proposal in place, the answer is YES.

So not only are you generating leads…. BUT YOU’RE GENERATING CASHFLOW. The #1 Reason people quit Network Marketing is because they don’t have the cashflow.

When using a funded proposal (one that actually PAYS), you now have cash coming into your business so you can increase your Marketing Budget. Our Team is using the cash they are making from our 100% Affiliate Program to SCALE UP their Marketing and grow FASTER.

Once you have a customer for an ebook, or a learning course, or a affiliate program… you now build a relationship of value with that person. You show them your leadership abilities, you support them. (If you just sign people up and forget about them, you’ll quickly ruin the credibility of your brand)


They now see so much VALUE in working with you that it’s a much different conversation than if you’d pitched them on the front end on your Primary Network Marketing business.

That’s the exact process that we implement every single day. And by building up a list that knows we Over Deliver on Training, we work with our Team one on one, and we are actually HERE to support our team… when it comes time for them to choose a primary network marketing business (or SWITCH) we are their obvious first choice.


What’s the #1 Problem with Funded Proposals?

Typically a Marketing Funnel or System, or a Training Product you sell… only pay 10-40% commissions. Often if you’re working with a Marketing Funnel, you are going to need to support and train your new sign ups. So you are investing time… with little money back. No one can SCALE UP their Marketing when their commission checks are only $45.00 or less (which is the average).

If you want to see the Funded Proposal that OUR NETWORK MARKETING TEAM uses to Fund their Network Marketing Business that pays them 100% Commissions Click the Link Below. We are changing the game here.

YES! I want to Earn 100% Commissions and Make Affiliate Checks that Can Help Me Grow My Network Marketing Business FASTER!

PS. We got a call from Brian last night who works as a Fireman but has been struggling to make money online for YEARS. He was OVER THE MOON because he’d earned his first 100% commission from someone that NEVER EVEN SPOKE TO HIM, just saw THIS FUNNEL and signed up. You’ve got to take a look at it.

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  • Etieno Etuk

    It takes time to build your team. This is the main reason people drop out of the business because they don’t make enough money fast enough to meet the qualification requirements to stay active in the business. With a funded proposal, people are able to make money relatively quickly. When people make money, they have a story and can show proof to their prospects that your system works.

    A funded proposal comes in very handy. It creates belief that one can make money even if they haven’t signed anyone up in their primary business.

    Thanks for sharing.

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