How to Generate 302 Leads in 3 Hours While We Had Band Practice (We Are Spilling the Beans)

I remember a conversation we had with Norbert Orlewicz when we were at the point in our marketing where we were getting about 10 leads a day. He said to us:

“There is some kind of magic about the number 20… When you start to hit 20 leads a day that’s when you start seeing your checks going up. When you hit 100 leads a day, that’s when things start to get crazy.”

When our Team members ask us “How do I generate more leads online?” we give them some of the best advice ever given to us. If you are getting 5 leads a day or 10 leads a day… figure out where those leads are coming from and “DO MORE.” Do more of what’s getting you leads.

Who else is on a tight marketing budget?

We feel ya. I remember borrowing the $49/month for our first funnel system and our then $150/month for our autoship. So we know FREE Marketing and we teach simple strategies to maximize your leadflow on a tight marketing budget. However a successful Internet Marketer said to us “If you want to get into the crazy income, you have to scale up. You must take the profits you are making now and reinvest in paid marketing.”

We felt exactly the same….. PAID MARKETING????? That’s risky, and scary, and uncertain….. uncomfortable for us. Like we always say, you’ve got to get uncomfortable.

Recently we started testing something new…. Press Play to Get the Scoop.

YES! I Want Access to Toby and Layla’s Entire VAULT of Secrets!

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  • Jaime Mondestin

    This is great stuff T&L. Yall never cease to amaze me. As always you two deliver the goods. Keep it up.

    And yes Thesis really rock

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