How to Get a LOT of Facebook Likes: ONE SIMPLE Tip to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Rate

We get asked all the time…

How do you get a LOT of Facebook Likes on your status and posts????

Toby and I have several fanpages that we manage and we are always researching the most cutting edge tips to get a lot of Facebook Likes, Shares, and Comments on your status and posts.. When we stumble on something effective, we are known in the Facebook community for sharing our tips!

how to get alot of facebook likes on your statusThis ONE SIMPLE TIP will not only boost your Facebook Engagement Rate but it is TOTALLY FREE.

Of course using paid strategies to get Facebook Likes is POWERFUL (see our secret weapon for Facebook Paid Ads here) but it’s always nice to know a few tricks that don’t cost you a penny!

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Okay…. READY FOR THE ONE SIMPLE TIP that I used to Boost Our Facebook Engagement Rate and get a LOT of Facebook Likes??????

PRESS PLAY on the Video Below and Access this Tip for Free Before the Video is Made Private!!!


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  • Alecia Stringer

    Thanks for the tip! What was that app called that you love?

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