How to Get your Email Opened: This one had ME in Tears! Jomo = ROCKSTAR (See Inside)

Whats the secret on How to Get Your Email Opened?

Jomo reveals all in the video below.

Jordan JOMO Molotsky is a young entrepreneur who has committed the last 4 years of his life to Personal Development and Growth while learning how to Master the Internet.

I wish I had an email Jomo had written 4 years ago to show you how this young man has exploded into a new realm of Marketing and Communication. This email had ME in tears! THIS is How to Get Your Email Opened!

Most people are LUCKY to get a 10% open rate on their emails. One of my Mentors has over 60% open rates on his emails! That’s kooky. So when I say we know our stuff… we know our stuff.

People ask me what I do…..

THIS is what I do!

Think about the new possibilities that open for you when you live with this kind of CONVICTION and PURPOSE. Oh man, it just makes me sit back and say WOW.


If you want to see the visualization that we did together that sparked this INCREDIBLE Email…. All you need to do is join our Private Facebook Group to get access to the recording!


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