How to Hit Ambassador in Visalus in Your First 2 Weeks

Rule #1 on How to Hit Ambassador in Visalus in 2 Weeks: No One Hits Ambassador Alone.

In the past Toby and I have sponsored hundreds of people. Over 300 personal sponsors in our last Network Marketing company. This time was different.

HOW, you ask? We assembled a group of leaders and supported THEIR success. <— The real secret of Network Marketing.

As you look through the info graph on this page I want you take clear notice of the amount of people we’ve helped to go Rising Star in just 2 weeks, and the amount of people we’ve helped to get into their BMWs. If you seriously want to hit Ambassador in Visalus, you must focus on 2 factors.

  1. Helping New Reps hit Rising Star ASAP.

  2. Getting your team to Regional Director and putting them behind the wheel of their BMW.

A lot of people we’ve been speaking to have already heard of Visalus. They’ve been watching the growth as a spectator from the sidelines. Why Did They Join Our Team?

The Master Alliance is a group of skilled and driven marketing minds who have united to support Networkers and help them achieve success quickly. People don’t want to join a business alone. They want to know they can call their upline if they have a questions. They want to feel the support from the team … and they want TRAINING.

Take a look at our first 14 Days in Visalus:

If you’re sick of feeling like you’re trying to build your business on your own… and you’re ready to be part of a TEAM that is focused on YOUR SUCCESS STORY, click the link below and watch the Secret Video.

Click Here to Access the Video

PS. We cut this crazy video inside our new 7 Series BMW…. Take a quick second before you click the link above to watch it!


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  • Brock Blohm

    Glad to hear you guys have had great success in your transfer. You guys always rock it! Keep it up!

  • Corina Beckby

    I love it! You so deserve every bit of your success! AWESOME~~~~!!! Oh yeah, and I love that song… “OOOH Sometimes, i get a feeling, yeah, I get a feeling that I’ve never never never had before” 😀

  • Tanisha

    so sick you guys rock

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