How to Know When Your Facebook Fans are Online – Prescheduling Posts for Easy Marketing

Whenever I google something, like “How to Know when your facebook fans are online.” I usually figure… someone else is probably googling it too, right?

Facebook-New-Insights-When-Are-Your-Fans-OnlineI was shocked by how many tools Facebook actually has for Marketers! Not only can you know when you’re fans are online, you can know which posts they loved, which they hated…. you can identify which cities are more responsive to specific posts…. and the list is just crazy.

If you’re new to Fanpages, don’t get overwhelmed or intimidated by the tools Facebook provides to grow your fanpage. Just relax, and understand it’s all there to help you… take it one bite at a time 🙂

So WHY would you want to know when your Facebook Fans are online anyways??


So you can get the most eyeballs on your posts as possible, and you can focus your engagement time as much as possible. Cause let’s face it… if you don’t limit yourself to a designated “Fanpage Engagement” time period, you could spend your whole day doing nothing but that. World social media network

  • When will the most people comment?

  • When is the best time to engage on your threads?

  • When should you PRE – Schedule your posts (Automation)?

You are a business owner, so start learning the tools that help you answer the important questions. Facebook Insights are so powerful when you learn how to use them. For more training on Facebook and Social Media make sure you subscribe to our newsletter CLICK HERE.

In the quick tutorial I will show you how to read your audience, and use Facebook Insights to determine when your fans are online, and WHEN YOU SHOULD BE POSTING TO YOUR FANPAGE.

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