How to Make a Capture Page Like a Guru (The Lazy Man’s Technique)

Anything I Can Do… You Can Do Better! 🙂

Good Morning! It’s Monday and it’s FANTASTIC.

I had quite a few people coming to us asking us How to Make a Capture Page, and we created some of our custom pages that are hosted online. When we record a webinar and want to put it online, or if we want to create a specialized capture page to give away a specific training… this is what we do. (Click Here to See an Example of our Deadly Traffic Secrets Webinar)

By making custom capture pages you immediately brand yourself as an expert! Want to know a Capture Page Secret? The highest converting capture pages are the simplest ones! Don’t clunk up a capture page with extra videos and tons of bullet points and a bunch of needless information.

Check out this Capture Page CLICK HERE that Brands the HECK out of Sabrina Walker and generated 25 leads in the first 6 hours.

I know you’re saying… ok Layla… Tell me how to make my own capture page!

Press Play on the Video Below Where I Walk You Through Step by Step How to Make a Capture Page Like a Guru… Without Actually Having to be a Guru LOL

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  • Etieno Etuk

    Awesome video, Layla. I’ve been trying to find out the trick to creating a capture page from my wordpress blog but couldn’t seem to find anything. Luckily I got on your site today and lo and behold, this video was just waiting for me to watch it 🙂

    Thanks so much for the value you guys bring to the internet marketing community.


  • Juan Jose Dorantes

    Wooow!…Thanks for share it!

    You make it very easy …And we have struggled for a long time 🙂

  • Kelly

    Thanks so much did not know how to upload to blog with cpanel so glad you showed that.

  • Frank

    Layla, that was very valuable and useful content you provided.
    You are a Rock Star !!!

  • Tish Washington

    Awesome, I needed this info and you
    provided it perfectly for me to understand
    and follow…as usual, Thanks Layla.

  • Vibha

    Thank you Layla.. for giving away such valuable information!!
    All I need to do now is work on it.. now No excuses.
    Thanks again.

  • Jay Brown

    LOL…. I was planning on doin the same training this week. Beat me to it
    Great Job as Always

  • Janet Thurgood

    Toby & Layla,
    Once again… away the farm……..(and the animals too)
    We so appreciate this. This is so funny because this action was actually on my list of to do’s. I was headed over to MLSP to try to figure this out myself and low and behold, your e-mail showed up in my inbox.
    Action Step Complete !!!! Thanks guys.

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