How to Sponsor Your Boss Into Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Most people start Network Marketing as a part time secondary income source.

Usually the ultimate goal is to eventually build up enough Residual Income through Network Marketing to replace your 9-5 employment. Many Network Marketers put in long hours at their J.O.B. (just over broke) and then dedicate a few hours a night to Marketing their Home Business.

Many never consider their Boss as a likely prospect to recruit. Why is that? If they knew what YOU KNEW about Network Marketing, don’t you think they’d rather have Time and Financial Freedom too? Don’t you think they’d rather not come in and deal with Employees every day?

But we have a stigma about going to our superiors with a “Network Marketing Opportunity” because we fill our heads with self talk:

  • They would never do it.
  • They wouldn’t take business advice from someone like me.
  • They’ll fire me!

Who is currently in the Employee side of the Cashflow Quadrant?

Who is still exchanging their Time for Money and letting someone else determine their worth?

Who has a Boss with the Ultimate Goal of making you work more and get paid less?

So how can you actually approach your BOSS with a Network Marketing Opportunity?

Salinda & Tommy Howell did EXACTLY that, and guess what? They Signed their boss up! This is the ONLY Network Marketing Opportunity we have EVER seen where Distributors are actually excited to prospect their Bosses. Not just bosses, but we have Newbies in the Network Marketing Industry that are actually getting in touch with Huge Team Building leaders …. and signing them up!


Because we’re not marketing a product that you need to Trick all your friends & family over to your house and try and convince them that Network Marketing works. Finally, we’re marketing a Cutting Edge Video Marketing Tool that is so Dynamic that the Tools are selling themselves. Every business owner, musician, artist, athlete, hairdresser, charity (you get our point) needs to be branding themselves online.

If you can show your boss that HIS business will have greater impact on clients and better results by using your Video Marketing tool….. THAT is how you sponsor your Boss into Your Network Marketing Opportunity.

To Check Out the Revolutionary Video Marketing Tool that Allowed Tommy & Salinda to Sign Up Their Boss, Click the Link Below!

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