How to Stay Committed Even After the Excitement is Gone

How to Stay Committed Even After the Excitement is Gone

Stay Committed

At the beginning of the year it’s Easy to get Committed. We write out our goals… we set our resolutions… and we are excited.

But what happens in February?

What happens in June?

The problem is not getting committed.

The problem is Staying Committed Even After the Excitement is GONE.

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Ultimately, there are three factors that will force us to stay committed to our goals, no matter HOW we feel!


You know you’re committed when: you are willing to make sacrifice in order to achieve your goals.  Consider the young athlete willing to practice and train countless hours everyday, or anyone in the armed forces who literally sacrifice their life for the greater good.  Commitment through sacrifice also relates to the concept of loyalty.  Do we stand by our commitment even though it will cause interruptions in other areas of life? If we are willing to give-up the convenient and comfortable options to take a more challenging path, there is a good chance we are committed to this mission.


To have commitment we must find meaning and purpose behind the mission we are pursuing. Purpose is similar to passion, and the development of a passion that spurs us toward our mission is half the battle of achieving goals.  Passion is what drives us forward. It’s what gets us out of bed each day and what keeps us awake with excitement at night. Without an inner sense of purpose and motivation, it becomes much more difficult to sustain commitment. Look deep inside yourself and begin examining what ignites your passion for life right now. Explore this area as an area of commitment.


Determination and commitment go hand in hand.  There will be inevitable set-backs along the way to achieving success, and without the determination to overcome these road-blocks, commitment begins to waver.  We must face obstacles with resiliency and fortitude.  This involves learning to problem solve and take the necessary steps to work past barriers.  Instead of viewing change and unexpected outcomes as problems we can begin to view them as challenges. We can start to feel invigorated and energized by the chance to rise to the occasion. Being determined means we accept and perceive these challenges as a part of the journey toward the larger accomplishment we are committed to.

And the one last missing ingredient, my personal SECRET WEAPON for staying committed to my goals is in the Video Below.

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