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This article/Video today is going to change the way you talk, and move through your sales process forever…Yes that is a bold statement BUT we believe in this with such conviction that if you are open to learn, you will find massive results at the end of this post…

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We are talking about a powerful technique that we learned from Tony Robbins.


There are 3 parts to framing which are, Pre Framing, Re Framing and De Framing.

But today is going to be on one part of framing and that is Pre-Framing

Before we get into the nuggets of wisdom, there are only two things you are trying to change in a person to get a sale. One is the behaviour they have towards your product or service, if it is negative. The other is there feelings on your product or service, again if they are negative…

And that’s it…

Ok Toby what is Pre Framing?

Pre Framing – Telling someone in advance what to pay attention to and what it’s going to mean when they hear, see or experience it.

Pre framing is the most powerful way to influence the way people think.

The most powerful people on this earth at influencing the way people feel, don’t spend there time working on there structure of the request or how to ask for things, but the way they set things up in advance of the request.

So the most important part of trying to change someones feelings of beliefs on a subject, is the build up and NOT the actual question you ask.

Ok that is powerful..How do I use it…

You can pre frame your prospects by asking specific questions in advance to the closing questions and by so you are leading them and pointing there feelings in the direction you have already choosen.

For example if someone is skecpital I would say “I don’t know if this is making sense to you, it’s kind of basic but what the heck why don’t you try it?

You have said exactly what they are thinking.. SO POWERFUL!!!

Also some other examples could be-

Are you following this?” or

Is this making sense to you?” or

Do you see yourself building this business successfully?”

Guys this stuff is Golden… If you like this kind of teachings, we suggest heading over to amazon and picking up some stuff from Anthony Robbins or anything on NLP.

Think about this subject long and hard today. Make a point to practice some pre framing questions through out your day. Not only for your business but in other aspects of your life 2…

We  know you guys are enjoying this Tony Robbins mini series while Layla and I are on our cruise… Don’t you love this industry and technology..

Keep Rocking n Rolling!

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  • chris tuttle

    Hey Toby and Layla,

    Great information. I have some Tony Robbins but its on cassettes that I got from my sister and haven’t listened to it yet, but thanks for the reminder. I need to start implementing that mindset training into my business.

    Hope you all had a good time on the cruise, I’m sure you did, who wouldn’t.

    I will be on your event @ 1 est.

    Chris Tuttle

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