I Spoke to God this Weekend… (hear me out)

My friends and family will tell you…. You wouldn’t expect to hear me say that I had a conversation with God this past weekend. Many of them probably clicked on this blog post just to see what was wrong with me.

I have struggled with my Relationship with God for years. When I put this video on Facebook yesterday, I was nervous as I saw the upload bar fill slowly… 56%… 75%…. 89%…. 95%…. oh no… almost 100%. Sharing my experience with the world was not easy. But just like you, I had those evil voices coming up through my mind… trying to frustrate my purpose. They were saying:

  • People will think you are wacko if you start talking about Talking to God
  • Your Friends will laugh at you and think you’re stupid
  • You will be judged
  • Your experience will be judged
  • and the voices keep going and going and going…

Who else can relate to the Inner battle we create in our own minds sometime?

How many of you have yet to “Cut the Darn Video” because this inner voice is winning inside? You’ve made excuses, procrastinated, and put it off…. why? Probably a couple of those bullet points up there. Access our Video Marketing Bootcamp Here. (If you don’t have the password, it’s because you’re not yet inside of the Inner Circle Click Here to Learn About the Rockstar Inner Circle)

I have conquered the Battle inside and am ready to SHOUT IT:

I Spoke to God this Weekend!

Why do I thank the Empower Network for opening up this line of communication? After hearing people within our team be so EXCITED about their commissions from Empower Network, after hearing how this Blogging Network is literally changing their lives…. I had a moment of relief, knowing that this was the game changing shift that needed to happen!

My Fears Were Unjust.

You know when you look back on the things you used to be afraid of and they seem utterly ridiculous? When I uploaded the video you are about to watch below, I was nervous remember? All those bullet points firing straight at me. When I logged back on a few hours later to see what kind of feedback had truly come to light… this is what I saw:

25 People had liked my video and over 41 People had left powerful comments of love, faith, and inspiration.

PRESS PLAY to Hear What God Said to Me.

Please Leave Me a Comment Below and Tell Me About Your Moment Where You Came To Terms with Your Relationship with God!

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  • Erwin

    Hi Layla, it due to my search for leads to more friends to join the big community of Monavie that I run into your amazing video. It is really wonderful what you experinced. I was there at such revelation many years ago, 1975, and your story made all those feelings come back to me. Thank you for sharing your powerfull story.

  • James Buckley

    Hey Layla
    I was at the first MLSP event at Las Vegas & seen you & Toby there & was in the Jerry Clark session with you guys & planned on introducing myself, but time didn’t work on my behalf . I have seen you guys rise to where you are and wanted to share my insight of your encounter…. I have always since I started to learn more about Network Marketing connected it on somewhat of a level as to the principles as to the same level of understanding of how a Pastor with a church has such a heart to learn God’s word and become more intimate with him and connect so he can convey & share the message with his congregations to inspire & equip them to live the life that is ordained for them. Personal Growth & changing mindsets and behaviors as well as self-limiting thoughts is key to both.You see Layla the word states ” A man’s Gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before Great men. ” {Pro.18:16 } So allow your gift to continue to make room for you and bring you before great men and discover your personal calling to continue to bring Glory to him by empowering others to reach there highest Potential. If you want to be more clear on hearing the voice of the Lord, Layla I suggest you read the Bible and spend time in prayer as you ask God to open the eyes of your understanding and he is faithful & just to reveal himself to you .
    I am a evangelist and a marketer and am eager to learn more about online marketing
    as I am a member of MLSP & am mastering my time now for I am very active in my Faith & Ministry. One thing I can relate to is that you are in for a AWESOME journey because you are seeking & I will keep you and Toby in my prayers…. Love you Guys You ROCK !!!

  • Roger


    You used a very key term quite a few times “relationship”. It is the most important or valuable word and not religion. It’s funny how the word religion has a tendency to separate/divide but the word relationship does something entirely different doesn’t it?
    Our relationships shape our decisions going forward like your relationship with Marisol lead you to your new relationship with Christ. This is just so awesome to witness!
    Personally I was introduced to “church” at a very young age it wasn’t until much much later that I learned that I needed a personal relationship with Christ. That’s all God ever wanted. I’m now an Ordained Elder and just like most I fail more than I succeed but through God’s grace, mercy, strength and love I now “grow through” circumstances and I’m never consumed by my shortcomings, as a matter of fact they only reveal even the more that he’s with me and I don’t have to make a go at this life alone…”when I’m weak he’s strong”.
    I appreciate you sharing your journey Layla, I’m a Christian Network Marketer/Internet Marketer and it’s always cool to have some family riding on the bus with you.
    Blessings & Enjoy your Holidays,
    Roger Holmes

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