Increase Traffic to your Business with a Facebook Fanpage

Increase Traffic to your Business with a Facebook Fanpage [Private Webinar]

Getting customers through your front door is getting harder and harder…. (or is it?)

Many Brick and Mortar businesses are struggling to keep their doors open, and overhead costs seem to be rising. Especially when competing with virtual stores like Amazon, and online shoppers who are buying all their clothes/shoes/groceries/and everything else you could imagine… on the INTERNET.

Increasing Traffic to your business has nothing to do with the amount of cars that go past your shop.

How can you get your brand in front of the masses?

transit.4.bNewspaper ads are expensive and with most people reading their news online, it’s almost obsolete. Radio? Tell me the last time you didn’t flip through your presets when the commercials came on… if you even listen to Radio with ads at all anymore. Flyers more often then not, end up in the trash. Maybe your face on a bus? hehe.

Do traditional Marketing methods work?

Yes, of course they do. Yet most people spend a ton of money on them, and still don’t have the right lead capture system in place to actually capitalize on their hefty investment.

But what if I told you there was an EASIER WAY to increase traffic to your business and get more customers through your front door? And what if it would only cost you less than $10 a day?

A Facebook Fanpage is one of the most effective marketing tools any business can use in this day and age. Using viral sharing offers to get instant referrals, basically for FREE!

What’s one thing 98% of your customers have in common? They may not listen to the same radio station, or read the same newspapers, or even live in the same town…. but they ALL have a Facebook Account.

This Thursday Oct 30th at 12pm EST we will be sharing a PRIVATE WEBINAR with some of our personal clients.

  • You will see real life examples that we are currently testing for various Brick and Mortar businesses.
  • We will be giving you ACTIONABLE STEPS to implement in your business to start getting more traffic this Week!
  • Our Dirty Little Secret for getting the Friends of your Fans through your front door!

Limited Seats Available for the Live Event.

Click on the Link Now to Get on the Waiting List.

(If this date has passed by the time you find this website, register here for our next upcoming session and ask us about our Recording Library and how you can get your hands on it)


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