Inspirational Story: “Never Give Up” (Even if you Pee your Pants)

“Never Give Up” – True Inspirational Story

Hey, Layla here!

When I told this story to Daegan Smith over dinner last weekend, he insisted that I share it with all of you.

He was hanging off every word as I told him what I’m about to tell you. (The Master of Stories… and he can’t wait to hear what happened in mine!)

Here’s what happened….

It was the Gold Medal Finals. I was competing for 1st place at the Canadian National Wrestling Champions.

Failure was not an option. I was so focused on that Gold Medal the roaring crowd felt like they were millions of miles away.

As I stripped down to  my Blue singlet (yes, we had to wear those spandex body suits… we’ll get back to the Singlet later) and warmed up in my corner, I remember thinking “This is what you’ve been training for…”

My opponent looked Tough, standing about 4 inches taller than me (and I’m 5’8!), and she was last years National Champ.

Through the buzz of the arena, I heard the voice of my Nan (and my family often talks about this moment, and repeats my Nan’s chant… we love and miss her dearly). She was at the very TOP of the stands, hundreds of meters up… but I heard her clear as day…

“Layla…. Layla…. Layla!”

She will forever be in my corner, my Angel.

Whistle Blows.

We’re called center and we shake hands. I look fiercely into my opponents eyes… and then we LOCK UP.

We battled each other up top for a while, back and forth testing each others strength. I saw an opportunity to take her down and decided to GO FOR IT.

This next moment is a blurr, but somehow my attempt got myecaught up with her behind me… and in one crazy whirlwind moment, I was on my Back!

I literally heard that slow motion voice in my head shout “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

My gut reaction kicked in the moment we hit, and I knew I had to do Everything in my power (and maybe even beyond my power) to keep my Shoulder Off the Matt. We circled as I tried to catch her leg with mine to pull myself over…. she cranked harder and harder on my neck, trying to force me to submit.

No Chance.

I pushed every muscle in my body harder than I even knew possible to keep this Giant from crushing me. I eventually couldn’t breath, she was holding me so tight…

But I Didn’t Care… I was WINNING this Match. (This is where it gets good)

As the crowd yelled, and my brain hurt from a lack of oxygen … I turned my head to the side and could see my Coach, (upside down from my current position) shouting something to me. I focused in to make out what he was saying.

“Never Give UP! This is your moment….”

Something inside of me clicked. Something popped. (You’ll find out what actually did pop in a second)

I harnessed a power from the depths of my core, gave it everything I had and pushed like my life depended on it. With a loud grunt, and her arms tightly twisting on my neck, I pulled myself out of the hold!

After a moment of struggle the Ref stood us back up and brought us to our feet.

At that second I felt as if I had already won, just by giving myself a second chance. Until a looked down.

I had peed in my singlet. A dark blue spot dripped down my leg. (TOTALLY EMBARRASSING)

I made a decision in that split second… I made a decision to win. I walked to the center of the matt, pee stain and all, slapped her hand and said “Let’s do this.”

It could have been my adrenaline, it could have been shock… but there was no way I was losing that match now! I saw that she was tired now after the Heroic battle I had put up against her. I caught her off balance and she went flying through the air … to land hard on her back with me clenching down tightly on top of her.

It was only 2 seconds later that her shoulders touched the mat and the Ref called us up. I think she knew I wasn’t giving up on this one.

The ref stood us in the middle of the mat and raised my hand in the air. I knew people were looking at the big dark spot on my Singlet, but I didn’t care….

I was the Canadian National Champion, and nothing else mattered.

You can take many lessons from this story, but the most important is to “Never Give Up.”

It doesn’t matter if people laugh. It doesn’t matter if they make fun of you. It doesn’t matter if every single person things you are going to fail. Your Belief is Your Most Powerful Weapon… learn to Master your Belief and you become an Unstoppable Warrior.

I found this Video of Another Inspiration Story of a Boy That Truly Inspires Me…. *I had a tear in my eye*

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PS. Leave a comment below and share with me a moment in your life when it just POPPED 😉

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  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Admitting you peed your pants at one point in your adult life is never easy… haha. But i knew you’d all take a powerful message from the story… so it’s worth the humiliation! 🙂 Love yas!

  • Brock Blohm

    Wicked. Wicked. Wicked!

    Awesome, Layla! What a trooper! I had no idea!

    Never give up. Ever. That has been burnt in to my head time and time again. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Kelly S Elliott

    That was incredible you are such a true warrior Layla.

  • Paul Butler

    Hey Layla,
    Its stories like this that really show how powerful the mind really is. Thanks for sharing with us. There are many things that make us give up and throw in the towel. Such as fear, humiliation, anger, pain… Never giving up is the spirit of a champion. We all have a champion inside us!!
    Paul Butler

  • Lynda Cromar

    That was very inspirational! If someone is focused on that dark spot then they just don’t know what it takes to win! I am not an athlete and I am not focused on the dark spot, but the inspiration that welded up inside of me!

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