Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work With Network Marketing! The Myth Exposed by Toby and Layla

We’re not the only ones that hear this right?

“You can’t build a real Network Marketing Downline using the Internet….”

Who else feels like they are learning a brand new language with all this Internet Marketing information? Who else kind of feels overwhelmed with information, like your brain is about to explode if you keep jamming it all in? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

When you look at some of the Top Internet Marketing Gurus, you won’t see many with massive downlines. “None of those Gurus build downlines!” Does this mean that the Big Bold Statement above this paragraph must be true?

Let’s take a deeper look at WHY this Myth exists, and why it is PARTLY true that Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work With Network Marketing.

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  • Vincent Parker

    Hi Layla,

    Great video. It’s always a pleasure listening to you and Toby. And it was great hearing you both on the training call this past Wednesday. You two provide so much value and you are two wonderful, wonderful people. Always wishing you the best.

    With that said, I think you nailed it when comparing internet marketing and network marketing. And it’s something you reiterated in the training call.

    Internet marketing is great. Many people are attracted to internet marketing because it seems, note ‘seems’, very easy. And I’ll agree it’s not hard, though it does take work.

    But the true value with internet marketing is that it enables a person to reach out and –> connect <– with a much larger audience. Because, as you say, this is a people business.

    Internet marketing alone can provide some amount of, dare I say, success. But it's when you network with people, get to know them, work with them and help them… when you network with people… that's what creates the true rockstars.

    Thank you for the message and yes, that bracelet is killer. See you around!


  • mike rao-Leadership coach


    Right on target. We all have only so many friends and family, and within that known group only a very small percentage have the desire to control their own destiny. “Old school” Network marketing companies need to empower their people with knowledge that is required to succeed in todays connected world.

    Harnessing the power of the Internet is of Vital importance.

    Great post

  • Robin Marks

    Yes Layla I can say that you hit the nail right on the head. It truly is a mixture of online and offline efforts that allows us to be successful in this business. The internet is just a tool we use to connect with people we other wise would not have connected with in our own offline world.

  • Theresa Jordan

    I struggled last year in my business. Glad to have found your website becasue I plan to make 2011 a better year for growing my network marketing business. Thanks for all the videos that you share with us.

  • Kat Bickert

    Thanks for the free training!!! This is super perfect timing for me right now, and like you said, this is the year to make it happen!

    Keep on rocking!

  • mark

    Fab video…

    As you know I’m not 100% convinced with some of the Facebook strategies being taught at the moment, and feel that the FB team will be clamping down on certain practices. At the end of the day it is against FB Terms of Service to use your personal profile for marketing purposes.

    That said and off my chest, I am in total agreement with what you are saying about the network leaders out there who are effectively shackling their downline to an outdated old school system.

    After talking to some of the leaders in these programs that are offline it’s clear they actually are investigating the internet, and some have gone so far as to put up blogs, youtube channels, and sites etc, however they have no clear strategy or system that is duplicatable.

    It’s funny how I have just noticed ( in the last few months ) one particular company here in the uk has given all its distributors a replicated website and they are all excited about it, to the point where they are posting the links all over their facebook profile’s.

    You hit the nail right on the head Layla, the majority of leaders are frightened of the internet, however maybe not for the reasons you state in your address. It’s clear to even the old school mlm elite that the Internet is the way forward ( I know because I have had conversations with leaders who have told me how frustrated they are with corporate, and or their leadership council).

    The biggest fear maybe has nothing to do with the dormant period most people have when migrating and learning internet marketing, it’s more to do with the exposure to other companies and opportunity’s.

    Lets face it as soon as you go online you are exposed to systems and programs and leaders who actually do know what they are talking about. All of a sudden your downline is listening to somebody else and not you. A dangerous game to send all your downline to the internet, especially when you dont understand it yourself!

    Yes the big players are probably a little scared by what they dont know, aren’t we all. Chances are greater thought that they are even more scared of losing their most proactive distributors to a people like you and me.

    I dont know about you but that’s exactly how I came into the internet marketing space….and I’m no longer involved with company ‘x’. The leaders in that company actively tell people to unfriend people like me on facebook!

    As far as internet marketing and Multi Level Marketing, havent they become the two sides of the same coin? I think we will continue to see a convergence between the two as time goes on.

    Awesome share as always Layla

    Regards Mark

  • Terry @ Six Figure Income Secrets

    Wow, how cool is that…I just recently did a blog post about this same topic. You definitely hit the nail on the head when you talked about information overload, there really is such a thing as too much information. Anyway you guys really rock and your training is “Da Bomb!”


  • Ayanna Mitchell

    Hey Layla Girl!

    You are so right – we can effectively combine network marketing and internet marketing as long as we focus on the objective = building relationships. You can meet people online and build solid relationships based on trust, value, and common interest. The power of video explodes our ability to build relationships on auto pilot!!

    Thanks for teaching me how!


  • Steven Dean

    Hey Layla

    You do have a point there. Not sure, if there is a right or wrong answer to this. Or how the statistics play out exactly, of who made it work with both marketing strategies and those who didn’t. I can definatly, see someone being overwhelmed with two being crammed down their throat, if they are just starting out. But was curious as to what the statistics look like when some starts into internet marketing first before network marketing? Both require skill to be learned. but like you said Layla, relationship is probably the #1 factor to building a successful business.

  • Toby & Layla

    Hey Joey… you are right… some personalities are better suited for specific areas of Marketing. Someone who is a solid Door to Door salesman… I would put them infront of a Camera and get them to shoot dynamic videos.
    I mean it’s the ultimate leverage, no one wants to walk down a street door to door… but if you can get your message out to the masses, cut a video once and have it play over and over for thousands of people…. now THAT is leverage.

    Thanks for your comments guys!

    Always love to hear your insights and feedback!

  • Joey McDermott

    You are right for sure, but I think also to take it to another level; find people talents and help them exceed in what they do best. For example: a person who is a door to door sales person, don’t put them on the internet to build relationships, put them on the ground in what they do best. So my philosophy is all about helping people be better in what they do already. But I totally agree love your guys approach to the internet. You guys are Rockstars, keep it up the great work.


  • Eric Burnett

    Great Video Layla, This video really hit home and speaks about how real internet marketing really is. Thanks for always sharing your great knowledge.

    Eric Burnett

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