Blogging Secrets

As you can see Toby and I are passionate about Blogging. We’re also passionate about sharing the Blogging Secrets we’ve learned over the last 12 month.

Trust us… when we first started, we’d never even heard of the word BLOG. Sounded like some sort of frog with an upset stomach lol! To be a successful blogger you do not have to be technical, but you will have to do some studying and have patience.

In 12 Months, using the Blogging Secrets we will share with you, we were able to take our blog from ZERO to ROCKSTAR. Our blog is now ranked in the top 30,000 websites in the WORLD and gets over 1000 visitors a day.

Imagine what your business would look like if you had 1000 eyes on you every day?

To make your life easier we’ve collected all our posts about Blogging on this page. So with the click of a button you can tap directly into our brains.

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Did you catch our Blogging Secrets Video Series??

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