Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is on the TIP of Everyone’s Tongue these days… WHY? Because Facebook is just about to BREAK the Billion Users Mark.

Facebook has created the largest assembly of people the worlds history has ever seen!

So it would only make SENSE to learn how to Market yourself and your business to the biggest customer base in the history of man, right?

As 2 Broke Musicians living in the basement of a bar, we definitely didn’t have a big Marketing Budget. (Actually we had NO Budget) So we had to find Free Marketing Strategies and Facebook was something familiar so we latched on.

The cool thing about Facebook… it’s like taking the Offline world of Networking and bringing to your home computer. The drawback… because it’s Free you have “Ning-com-poops” that simply do it all WRONG.

Think about this… Would you go to the wall of your neighbors house and paint the logo of your company on the side of their house? NO of course not. So why is it okay to plaster your business opportunity all over someone’s facebook wall?

Below you will find a collection of trainings throughout our Blog about the most effective Facebook Marketing Strategies. To Access our Recorded Training webinar, that maxed out at 1000 seats… ALL ABOUT FACEBOOK MARKETING… Click Here Now.

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