Rockstar Revolution Day 1: The Internet is Killing Our Industry.

Internet is Killing Network Marketing

How can we say something so harsh?

Well to be perfectly honest there are several Internet/Network Marketers that we respect very much that are excluded from this post. A great friend of ours and one of the most respected Internet Marketers out there, Mark Hoverson… left us with a lasting impression and a lesson that forever changed our business.

When people become numbers on a screen…. you’ll never build a massive Network Marketing organization.

Of course you need to know your numbers… but the heart beat of Massive Duplication will ALWAYS be in the relationship.

One of our first online mentors Yo Le also instilled in us the concept of over delivering on value, building quality friendships, and properly training people.

Shiny Object Syndrome: (aka The Grass is Always Greener) With the introduction of the Internet into the Home Based Business arena people now get exposed to a “Work from Home” or “Online Business” at least 3 times a day.

As humans we naturally revert to blaming everything but ourselves for the situations we find ourselves in. So when the 6 Figure Checks aren’t coming in after a few weeks… it’s easy to blame the company and find something “Better”.

How Can the Network Marketing Industry combat the spreading epidemic of Shiny Object Syndrome and still use the Internet to Grow?

It’s baffled Network Marketers for the last Decade and most have retreated to a Negative opinion of “Internet Marketing”.

  • You can’t build relationships on the Internet.

  • You can’t create duplication on the Internet.

  • You can’t sustain a long lasting residual income from the Internet.

We’ve heard them all before. And for 90% of the Network Marketers building downlines on the Internet… all of the above statements are pretty true.

Press Play to See Exactly What We Mean When We Say the Internet is Killing Your Business (So You Can Avoid It Happening to You!).

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  • Alex Pino

    That was an awesome video and you guys are obviously rock stars, hahaha but I wanted to leave this: It IS crazy when people expect fast results and yes there is a high failure rate but that’s because of human nature (like you said) to jump around and quit way too soon. The same reason that some super talented athletes don’t make it to professional sports because they can’t stand being coached or sticking it through long enough, etc, etc. But then you think, geez, to get a JOB you went through years of school, training, sometimes college, and then you expect to just jump over to the business world and expect instant results? No way… It’s a whole ‘nother learning/understanding/coaching process but it’s WAAAAY worth it.

  • James E Ratcliffe

    I saw, I shared, I tweeted, or re-tweeted. Message is clear!

  • Lauren G

    This is an awesome montage. I can’t wait to watch the training on this one. I’ve been loading myself up with all the MLSP trainings in the backoffice! This is going to be awesome! Lovely!

  • Dan Rice -

    I heard this 16 years ago when I entered the industry & it still resoundingly screams out…there’s only 3 reasons people stay in the business…

    1. They are making money
    2. They still believe they will make money
    3. They have a friend they don’t want to lose.

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