iPas 2 Coaching Software and Internet Marketing System: Sneak Peak


If you’re active in the Internet Marketing space, you’ve seen something about this iPas 2 System.

But What is iPas2?

Why do Top Leaders, Serious Producers, Successful Coaches… and the BRAND NEW PERSON all want what’s inside iPas 2???

Team-Building-CloudFirst of all… Let’s think about what’s important in team building.

Keys to Successful Team Building

  1. TRUST: You must create a relationship of trust with your team. When you have established a safe place for people to grow and learn and stumble and fall, they WILL achieve more. Even when introducing something new to help them, if your team trusts your always looking out for their best interest… they will do what you do.
  2. Communication: There’s a reason that trust and communication are first. They are the most important aspect. Does communication mean you have to be on the phone 24/7 to build a successful team? Heck No. Leverage tools, videos, M A R K E T I N G to get your message out. Don’t know how to market? Click here.
  3. Planning: I used to think this meant that I had to do all the planning, build all the team sites, train and coach every single team member and their team member and their team member. Then I learned about systems…. then I got overwhelmed by systems hahaha….. then I saw iPas.
  4. Adaptability: I am a firm believer in, if what you’re doing right now is working as well as you’d like it… you must adapt, or you will be left behind. Find things that are proven to work, and then follow the formula to a T! (but if they stop working… don’t be so stubborn that you won’t admit something else might work better)
  5. Decision Making: Every action is a decision. So how can we help our team build their decision making abilities like a powerful muscle? JUST LIKE the other important muscle in #6.
  6. Problem Solving: One of the greatest gifts you can give you team is the power of problem solving. If you ask most successful Internet Marketers or Home Business owners… they did not run to their sponsor with every question they had. And you do NOT want your team doing that either. But how can you make sure they always have a way to reach out for help if they need it??? Watch the video below.

If you want the detailed training on why iPas 2 connects all of these dots… Click Here.

In the video below I am going to share with you one component of iPas 2 that covers ALL 6 of these Team Building Components. Tell me if you can see how.


Click the Image Below to Test Drive the iPas 2 System for just $7.


PS. If you want to know how to join our private iPas2 Mastermind with 1 on 1 Coaching, Private Assignments and chat rooms Click Here… and Become a Black Member. 😉 Our favourite colour!



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