iPAS 2 Testimonials and Real TIME Results

ipas2 badass testimonialsThe reason I wanted you to see some iPAS 2 Testimonials and Real TIME Results is because…




Howdy! Layla here…

I’ve had a floooooood of questions about what this “iPAS thing” is that we’re launching.

It’s $7, you’ve probably seen it.
(Check the ps. for a secret $1 trial that only you will have access to)

So you’ve seen it… but, here’s the thing.

If it doesn’t work, who cares? Right?

Like Jerry Maguire says…. “SHOW ME THE MONEY”

So my crew pretty much rocks, and put
together this Documentation of some Results
in such a short time of opening the doors
to the public.
Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.16.32 AM
Check out this Blog post featuring the Testimonials and Further Info on iPAS2.

I am all about ways to leverage and duplicate myself, cause massive
shifts in my team, yet also be able to reach outside to a broad
spectrum of individuals who’s lives I can change.

I believe 100% that the Internet is a skillset you must learn to
succeed in creating massive change globally.

And I’ve never seen such a streamlined way of learning it.

If you want to skip the blog post with all the numbers and facts, and
go straight to the iPAS2 Trial, Click here.

<3 Layla Black

So my buddy LT said the other day, “What to ya say to someone that doesn’t have $7?”

Well it all depends how you look at it. I remember borrowing Toby’s Dad’s credit card for our first system, it was $49 and we had 30 days to pay it back before it was due. I didn’t have $7 at that time.

So I know that success stories can start from the bottom. Which is why I’m hooking you up. You can test drive it for $1. Only 3 people a day get that price so click here now and make sure it’s you.

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