Marketers Beware: Is the Free Marketing Training You’re Getting Really Worth It?

After you watch this video you may decide to start charging for your Marketing Training.

While we were in Pheonix we had the pleasure of Masterminding with Multi-Millionaires and get their thoughts on FREE vs. NOT FREE. One of our Rockstar Team Mates, Philip Blackett is about to release his brand new Ebook and he wondered if he should charge for it or give it away for Free…..

“Even simply charging $4.95 for your Ebook completely changes the way a Prospect or Customer treats the information… whereas if it was Free they would probably disregard it or never take it seriously.” – Mark Hoverson

In no way are we saying that you have to charge for every single thing you do…. and you have to start charging every time you create content.

Actually, Toby and I would like your opinion on this topic. What do you think?

Toby and I have given an incredible amount of value away for Free… I mean, you simply browse through some of the categories down the right hand side of this blog and you’ll find a never ending Abyss of Free information. So we see both sides of the Fence. We’d really like to get an interesting Discussion (notice we said discussion… not argument) going about this Topic.

FREE Training Vs. Paid Training

(Watch the Video and Tell Us What YOU Think Below in a Comment!)

Yes Our Blog Will ALWAYS Be Free… But SERIOUSLY… We Want Your Feedback on This One!

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  • Chuck Bartok

    Always an interesting topic,especially on the Internet.

    Funny how our Off-line companies grew without GIVING AWAY
    valuable product, but were based on the concept of “always deliver more REAL Value than ever received in Cash Value.” (read that in 1960 by Wattles)

    Of course that is slower process, but the momentum builds form referral and follow up.

    Liked Paul’s entry “One needs to establish their credibility, their inspiration, their commitment and their passion with the no cost / low cost approach.”

    And with a well designed marketing strategy, willingness to apply action, the Credibility and Authority can be attained on the NET.
    The Rock Stars have done it.

    Thanks for the listen and thanks for your efforts

  • Toby & Layla

    Hey Sandy… first of all thanks for stopping by our blog for the first time! 🙂
    We really appreciate your insight. Very very very true….
    The FREE is a sampler of how valuable the PAID information will be 🙂
    Great perspective!
    Connect with us on Facebook

    Toby & Layla

  • Sandy Moore

    Hi Layla,

    I’m a virgin visitor to your blog… it’s great to be here!

    You certainly caught my attention with this post and I wanted to tell you that “free” is not always junk as you so eloquently put it. lol… yes there is a lot of free junk out there.

    Your readers should not be scared away from “free” just as your blog is free it encaptures the essence of your business and how you attract people into your business right? Hence you statement “Hour blog will always be free”. Your free blog gives others a “TASTE” of what you have to offer.

    When you are offered something for “Free” always look a little closer into exactly what you are getting for free. For example I offer free Internet Marketing training for the beginner or the expert entrepreneur…. there is no catch here… lol… it’s good for you and your business, it’s organic and has not preservatives added (no junk).

    What it does give you is a taste of what I have to offer in the long term.It’s being transparent! It’s like a try before you buy. Or don’t buy … just keep on taking advantage of the top class training on offer for as long as you like.

    So Layla, “free” is not always junk and acidic… “Free can be good for your well being too!

  • Andrea Bolder


    This is such a great topic. As with anything the value is in the content not necessarily the price. There are many things I have paid for that did not live up to the price tag and there are trainings and information I didn’t pay for that were valuable beyond belief and that I would have gladly paid for.

    What we should always keep in mind is that as entrepreneurs we are in the money-making business and we need to bring in profits to generate the lifestyle we help others to achieve but we should always be gracious enough to not only share, but to over deliver on the content and value we provide to others because I believe that it will come back to you many times over (if what you are providing is truely beneficial).

    Providing FREE content is essential for helping to build a brand and is a “taste test” for the value you provide in your paid products. Over deliver on value and you’ll have people lining up to purchase your “paid products”. Don’t provide value, and it won’t matter one way or another if it was free or a million bucks, people won’t touch it!

    You and Toby have given away so much value for FREE I actually question your sanity but what I am 100% sure of is that when you guys launch your paid products, people won’t think twice about putting down their money to get what you have to offer!


  • Toby & Layla

    Wow… I am so glad we brought this topic up because we got to hear some INCREDIBLE perspectives.

    Thanks for sharing your insights…. Our Blog followers ROCK.

    We’d love for you to post your response… or your feedback on this post.

    So that everyone that’s following this post can check out your blog post too!!! 🙂

    I know Philip Blackett did a response video to it at

  • Brandon Mouton

    Hey Layla,

    Great insight from Mr. Mark Hoverson. I remember the first time that I watched his training inside of the MLM Launch Formula with Jonathan Budd where he talked about having people pay an application fee to be considered to join his opportunity. It’s exactly that type of marketing that creates traction and massive results. It gets rid of the tire kickers and leaves you with the serious opportunity buyers.

    I think that there is a lot of hyped up copy on the internet talking about the “hottest way to get FREE traffic”, or “generate 100 free leads a day” and they are all freebies for the optin to people’s list. After a while you get used to seeing this and it makes you think if the strategy does work then they should be charging for it.

    I think the thing that rings true to me is that no, and I said no traffic is really free. You either pay for it with your time or money. Ultimately you can always create more money but you can’t get back time. If you are seeking mentors and learning skills then you should be compensated for your knowledge when you provide it in the market place.

    Often times giving things away for free is a way to postpone rejection. When it’s free, you may get some leads from it because it’s free, and if you don’t you haven’t really attached a monetary value so it’s easier to accept the perceived rejection. On the other hand, if you believe that your product or service is worth say $10 for an eBook, and you put in the work so that it really delivers 10 times that value and no one buys it, then you feel rejected because of the value that you assigned to the product and no one wants it. Either way rejection is in the mind.

    The key is to accept that your knowledge is valuable, and you can help people. If more people understood their own self worth they would stop looking for FREE.

    Keep on rocking!


  • Marnee Masales

    Hi Layla as always valuable information. Enjoy your time in California.

  • Karen Marrow


    Enjoy your energy!!! Yes, I think you bring up some great food for thought. I do believe in investing in my education and I think it’s a mindset that you get great value when you pay good money for it.

    Congrats on taking the junk out of your diet. I eat all organic and natural and it sure does make a difference in health and how you feel. Since I started eating that way, I never ever get sick 🙂

    Take care,


  • april

    Thanks you guys for sharing your insight on this. I completely agree with you and am a believer that you get what you pay for. I have been seeing a ton of free training platforms on the internet and I think that when people see free then jump all over it. How can you make money with free I ask them. LOL! Well there is no money in free if you are the trainee but if you are the trainer there is usually some type of benefit for them to offer free. One reason is that they are gaining trust and then recommending a product that they are affiliated with. Which this is a brilliant idea but what I am seeing with these free training platforms is that they are getting all these people to join and then those people get people to join. This is crazy because all of these people are buying products like auto responders, hosting etc. and the only one putting a check in the bank is the guy at the top. Not to mention he is subliminally selling something to everyone in the program. Great post you guys 🙂

  • Angela Carter

    Great video Layla! This has sparked a great discussion and a lot of insightful comments. I think the difference between free vs paid should be how much of the client’s problems will be solved by your information. You should never offer fluff in your free stuff and your free stuff should solve your client’s biggest problems but the degree to which it does and the specificity it does, separates free from paid.

    So for example, I can prepare a free report on article marketing. I can discuss how to write an article, how to come up with great article topics, what directories you should submit your articles to, how to optimize your articles. I can prepare a jam packed free report of this info. The paid stuff would get more to the heart of why people are struggling with article marketing and provide a more comprehensive solution and more one-on-one support. So, for a paid article marketing product, I could offer additional support in an actual article writing schedule and bootcamp where there will be accountability in making sure that bootcampers get their articles written in a certain time frame. The paid product can be an article writing service where I write the articles for them.

    Both the free and paid info in my example provided great value, but the amount of personal one-on-one support and accountability was different.

    Anyone who wants to be successful will have to make an investment. If you don’t have the financial budget to invest in paid products, then you will have to invest a lot of your time learning the strategies offered in the paid stuff on your own. If you have a financial budget, then it is wiser to invest the money to save time. You will have to make an investment in your success either way!!

    Again, great discussion and topic Layla!



  • Paul Upp

    San Francisco Bay Area checking in. Looking forward to seeing you guys at Ground Zero Corporate Headquarters on Friday. Ten miles from my house. I might just walk …. NOT!

    To charge or not to charge. That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the costs and frustrations of outrageous trainings that were worth far less than the coin one paid while on one’s quest to eternal enlightenment. Or to continue one’s slog through the vast sea of free trainings that cost not coin but one’s time.

    My sense is that true value is a two step process. One needs to establish their credibility, their inspiration, their commitment and their passion with the no cost / low cost approach. Once the quality, content, delivery and value of the initial training becomes evident and a tribe is borne, I think the time is right to provide higher value content with an appropriate price point.

    My experience is that the greater challenge in the initial free training is not so much in focusing on the value one is receiving. But instead, we need to highlight the incredible “cost of inaction”. How many people have wasted awesome training by simply not putting it into action? I know I have!

    It doesn’t matter if the training is free or $2995, if one does not take action it is worthless. Even less than worthless because of the time one “wasted”.

    So I think the challenge for the teachers/leaders is to how to facilitate those initial trainees to experience that initial sweet smell of success. Then it’s easy to guide them along the path of increased trainings leading to increased earnings …. at an increased price point.

    Probably best further discussed over a bottle of California wine!


  • Buff

    Dear Layla and Toby, This has been a hot topic on my mind for quite some time now and I’m so glad you brought it up.
    By giving away so much value for free, you guys have truly bucked the system…and in the process have changed countless lives for the better. I have learned more nitty-gritty, truly valuable, useful, hands-on, applicable information from you than from ANY of the high-priced (and I don’t mind saying “OVER-PRICED”) courses, trainings, coaching programs that have been offered by the big name leaders over the past year (and you know who I mean). And in the process, I have come to trust and respect you both immensely.
    I don’t want to say anything negative about anyone else because I have met and worked with some of those guys and they are all really nice, really good people – when you deal with them directly. BUT, in my opinion, it’s all gotten completely out of control with their “theory” that “they’re only charging those outrageous sums in order to instill value in their products”.
    SERIOUSLY, think about it … if they really think that fleecing people for every dime they can get is the only way to get people to appreciate what they’re providing, then what does that say, really? It says to me that they just want to make as MUCH money as they possible can from anyone who wants the information. If they were really that concerned with helping people succeed (like I believe you two are) then they’d have to admit that charging big bucks for their info-products is just a thinly disguised way to make as much money as possible. Why else would they produce those long-winded and completely unnecessary “manifestos” filled mainly with carefully crafted sales copy just to sell their information. It’s a well-known fact that the study of sales copy and the crafting of those sales letters is a valued skill…not because it allows someone to help their team-mates or clients, but because it increases sales.
    This has been a hot topic in my mind for quite some time now. The hypocrisy in this industry is so obvious and so distasteful that it has created a real inner conflict for me. HOWEVER, you – Toby & Layla – have put a spin on the industry that is truly unique and beautiful and admirable … by freely giving away the nuts&bolts information that is so necessary and so hard to find anywhere else. I joined your team precised for that reason – and even though circumstances beyond my control have kept me from producing big results so far- I am a huge fan of yours and recommend you and your blog at every opportunity.
    Of course, information has a price and charging others for your hard work and valuable products is what business is all about. It’s a fine line. No one should be expected to work for free – at least not all the time. But I don’t believe that charging more creates more value…and I’ve been disappointed more than once by un-met promises after spending thousands of dollars.
    Major HYPE has become an inherent part of internet marketing; it is one of the primary reasons that many people are wary of the entire industry. Just because someone doesn’t jump all over something instantly and go out and repeat the process, does not make them a loser or a lesser person. It just may mean that, in their life their timing is different, their needs are different, their puzzles are more complex and multi-faceted. Charging less for information does not de-value the information. It keeps it in a context that is more human-scaled, more honest and totally lacking in inflationary BS. Think about how much a hard-copy book of the same information would cost in a bookstore…why should the exact same information, delivered digitally, be priced 10 or 100 times more than that? It should be much cheaper, if anything!
    Lastly (and I apologize for being so long-winded here) I want to take this opportunity to send you both a huge THANK YOU for your integrity, transparency, unstoppable enthusiasm and outstanding/unequalled value in this field. The support and training that you provide for your team is over-the-top excellent (and I’m grateful to be part of your Rockstar team). Making that information available to people who aren’t even on your team yet only serves to inspire and attract more and more faithful, adoring fans and team-mates. You guys deserve – and will definitely achieve – the heights of greatness and true abundance, financially and in all other ways. BRAVO and THANK YOU! Keep up the great work and keep on inspiring leaders to follow in your footsteps. Here’s to showing the world that you don’t have to be greedy and hypocritical to be successful.
    Best wishes, Buff

  • Delois McKay

    Well,I think it all depends on who is offering the free training and what it is. I have gotten some very valuable free training from Toby and Layla, better than some info that I paid for. It depends on the “who” doing the training, because someone with integrity gives out the same quality value because of who they are…not how much it costs. It reminds me of when I worked in the state hospital taking care of poor patients. We gave them the same quality care we gave the “paying” patients. One has to measure value with more than a dollar. Like some clothes with high price tags, people think they have something valuable but look at the workmanship. If you are a tailor you would judge clothes by how well it’s made not by someone’s name sewn on it. Granted the name or the “brand ” is SUPPOSED to be quality which is not always the case. The most valuable things in life have no price tag and when you give the best, the value is immeasurable. But this does not mean you shouldn’t sell your products. I just believe the value comes from who YOU are and what you do.

  • Toby & Layla

    OMG how awesome is it that we were all thinking the same thing!

    Thanks for your insights guys…. I sat back and read the comments on this page and I had to say wow… We have some SMART people coming to our blog every day!

    Don’t overlook this information…. read Brenda’s post! When she increased her book’s price from $17 to $39 she had a HUGE jump in sales.


  • Brenda Gagne

    Great point Layla, and I would agree completely. Just having to go through the transaction of inputting your CC info in the form, makes the information you are about to receive that much more valuable.

    Transition to the huge 98 page ebook that was delivered into your inbox free of charge…Which one are you more likely to read first? The one which you perceive has the most value – which will be the one you paid for!

    Here’s a weird example: I was charging $17 for one of my books. I was getting a lot of good feedback about the content so I raised the price to $39.95. Result…BIG jump in sales – go figure right?!

    Funny you mention the grocery store…I literally came from there and while there actually wished the organic stuff would at least have some sort of sale one day! Came home and watched this haha!

  • Todd

    I’m in total agreement! Free is good to a point. A small price for real value is will bring value in and of itself. In my opinion a balance of both would be effective. Once one reaches a certain level of such as the Rockstars and Jonathon Budd naming your price is the benefit of the status as leaders in the industry.

  • Yvar Belotte- Online Business Developer

    Great message! You have to pay more to get a higher skill-set which separates you from what everyone else is doing. But I think the trap that people find themselves in is when they get caught up in the product launch of the week and not studying and applying what they have already bought. Then it just becomes a cycle. Free is always great but paid is awesome because only a few people want to make their business awesome which means less competition!

  • Lucy Byrd

    Hi Layla. I agree with you 100% You do get what you pay for. If you’re on a budget purchase QUALITY at a discounted price or save a little now to get a lot later or get the best that your many can buy.


  • Todd Gragg

    Layla great message! I read a marketing story years ago about the Bic Disposable Razor. When the razor was first introduced to the public suggested retail price was .25 per razor. Sales were bad then after several weeks the price was raised to .99 and the sales exploded. Same point holds true with online marketers I agree that a portion of great content should be given away but when we do have a product to sell be aggressive with pricing so the consumer doesn’t perceive it as junk.

  • george lugo jr

    Hey Layla,
    I totally agree with what you are stating here. First of all as far as FREE giveaways, you are right. You have to be careful from whom you are receiving it from. It should be from a person that is successful. On the other hand FREE content really helps personal branding from people that have experience and Are getting results but marketers like you I would pay for courses because of your knowledge and Extreme Success. I also agree with what you said about purchasing courses. Its not an EXPENSE BUT AN INVESTMENT. LEADERS INVEST IN THEMSELVES!!!!!
    I can go on and on and on and on. Great Post Layla!!!
    thanks George

  • Philip Blackett

    WOW…do WE have the same mind Layla or what???

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing last night when I had my epiphany. It’s great to offer things for FREE for people to take full advantage of. The “challenge” (as Marshall would say) is that people put their “perceived value” on things oftentimes according to how much they “pay” for it.

    Definitely feel you in the grocery store analogy. Usually the things that are BEST for us are those that you got to PAY for (and can be pretty expensive). But as with food and training, in my short experience in this industry, it’s been WELL WORTH It to fully “Pay the Price for Success” (as Jerry Clark would say).

    I’m a BIG fan for having the posture of asking people to pay for PREMIUM and VALUABLE Marketing training that, compared to what people like us have done and sacrificed to obtain and utilize it, still is a BARGAIN when they pay such an “insignificant” price for it (like $4.95 for a valuable eBook). 🙂

    Awesome insight Rockstar!


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