Jusuru Review – Another “Revolutionary” Juice product and YOU.


This is a third party Review. Layla and I are not affiliated with Jusuru in any way. This is strictly a research and Review Article. After reading this article you will understand the Jusuru Company and opportunity far better than you did before you came to this page.

As I am waking up early this fine Thursday fall morning here in Canada I open my email inbox to find 10-15 new emails about this amazing, revolutionary, one of a kind new opportunity.

If you are like me and have been around the MLM block a few times you will get a little frustrated with all the hype of a revolutionary this and ground breaking that email. Anyway I decide to open one from someone I know pretty well and to be honest someone that has jumped MLM ship quite a few times since I have known them.

I open up the email to a huge head line stating “Toby & Layla You Are Not Going to Believe This I have Found the One”. Right away I’m thinking has this person not learned there lesson by now. Moving from one company to the next is never going to get them anywhere near success.

Imagine trying to start a fire with a magnifying glass and always moving it around to different spots. It just won’t work. You have to keep a consistent and focused control over the heat. Just like your MLM Business.

Anyway before I go rambling on about that subject let’s get back to what we were reviewing Jusuru

WHO is Jusuru?

Jusuru is a brand new Health Beverage company started in October of this year. Promoting to have taken all the goodness and energy out of the Yuzurihara, Japan and adding a few scientific properties Jusuru states it’s revolutionary and the only product of its kind.

What is Jusuru?

Jusuru is a health beverage drink designed to promote a healthy life style and over all health and well being.

Jusuru’s juice is a patented blend of antioxidant’s, phytonutrients, amino acids and vitamins and minerals.

Does this sound like any other company to you?

Is Jusuru a Scam?

No Jusuru is not a scam. It meets all the standards of the FTC that regulate the MLM Industries Companies. It is a legitimate Home Based Business.

About Jusurus Comp Plan.


As you can see Jusuru uses a Unilevel style of compensation plan. Paying 9 separate ways. A brief description taken from the Jusuru official website.

9 Ways to Live
For each bottle of Jusuru Life Blend you sell, earn up to 30% of the retail price.
By enrolling in the Preferred Customer Program, your customers receive a 15% discount off of the retail price, you earn 15% of the retail price and up to 1% of the entire company’s total product sales volume.
Earn up to 20% on all sales volume generated from your personally-sponsored distributors, and three levels below, for the first 60 days of their enrollment.
Earn up to 5% commission on the sales volume generated by each distributor in your organization.
Earn 5% on sales volume when any distributor you personally sponsored places an order.
Earn up to 3% on all qualifying sales volume of your entire organization.
As a Jusuru Leader, you may earn a Leader Check Match up to 25% on the personal income earned by the distributors in your organization, with no depth limitations.
Receive additional income and rewards through Jusuru Leadership Pools.
As a top leader, earn a luxury car in which you can share your Jusuru experience with others.

So should you join the Jusuru program?

I’m afraid I can not make that decision for you. No one can. That’s a choice you will have to make on your own. I advice you to do your research on the opportunity, The Comp plan and the actual business side of it. All I can do is tell you a few reasons why I chose not to join Jusuru.

1. Jusuru is not a stand alone product or company. There is to many juice companies all saying the same thing in different bottles.
2. With 9 out of 10 MLM start up companies going broke in there first 2 years I suggest looking at companies that are old enough to have worked out the kinks but young enough there is still walk away residual income to be made.
3. There doesn’t seem to be any MLM heavy hitters or Network Marketing veterans associated with it. I’m not saying that’s a huge factor just that in this day and age there is normally one “big player” being a founding member in one start up or another.

In closing if you are Jusuru rep and I got you a little mad, I’m sorry. Just prove me wrong. If you are looking at this opportunity or any other start up companies I do advice you to do your home work. Make a professional business decision on a product and company that you can truly believe in and one you would actually use yourself

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