Larry Beacham’s Virtual Handshake and Why People Do It ALL Wrong!

Our good friend Larry Beacham did a phenomenal corporate training for our Primary Business last night on the “Virtual Handshake” and Toby and I were so moved we needed to share this with everyone!

The Virtual Handshake is something that if done properly, can open up a lot of doors and new connections using the Internet.

For those of you out there that are skilled with Traditional Offline you know what we’re about to explain.

For those of you that aren’t yet skilled in that area, pay close attention.

When you meet a potential prospect, or recruit someone while you’re out… (Don’t go out to prospect, Prospect while you’re out!)… you do not vomit your business opp all over them do you?


You introduce yourself, your swap a business card, and basically decide if you’ll talk again.

So why do some come on to the Internet and upon initial contact start spurting about their compensation plan and ORAC Score??!?!

  • You need to build rapport!

  • You have got to have romance before you propose!

So how do you really do an

effective Virtual Handshake?

Step #1: Find Your Target Market…

If you were trying to put together a winning Basketball team you would recruit basketball players like Michael Jordan and Lebron James right?

You’re trying to build a substancial and winning Network Marketing team right? So you need to target those that are in the G.A.M.E. People that are at least TRYING to make it happen.

You can join company groups on Facebook, Ning Sites for Marketers, Relative groups on Linked in… and we could keep going.

Step #2: Start a genuine exchange…

Don’t send a message with 4 different links for each of your companies lol.

Be real.

“Hey Frankie, I would love to get to know you and connect. Add me as a friend. Here’s my number too. I love building relationships with like minded folks like yourself.

Layla Staats
813 373 8115″

Step #3: Getting to Know Each Other

Take a quick second to look through their profile. Find something you can relate to, whether it’s there city or state, their hobbies.

“Thanks for accepting my request (Or some similar greeting). I was looking through your profile and see you’re in Columbus. Our good friends are doing some fantastic things up in Columbus! Always great to connect with other leaders. How long have you been in the business?”

Step #4: After you’ve built a dialogue up and have some rapport with your new friend you can bring up your business.

“What business are you in? We’re in the Gold and Silver Business, and with the momentum OH has… always looking to build relationships with leaders out there. Let’s have a chat! What’s the best number to reach you at?”

*We Always Like to Ask for a Phone Number… Most People Say Yes and then You have an open door to build a solid relationship!*

We are not simply Internet Marketers folks. We are Network Marketers.

Talking to people on the phone

builds the GLUE.

This can be a Cut/Paste and Send process folks. So you can find a Targeted Group or Network and get to work making connections.

And don’t be married to Facebook!

Go to Google right now and type in “Top 100 Social Networks“. There are TONS of untapped markets out there.

So no excuses as to why we all shouldn’t be out there building relationships!

If you want to learn more Marketing Tips from the PROS go check out the #1 Internet Marketing Training System in existance on the Net.

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See YOU at the Top,

Toby & Layla
Social Media Experts
Phone – 813 373 8114

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  • jdavid moffitt

    Very nice post you guys add a lot of value
    thanks ps, keeping rocking it

  • Mark Gubuan

    Thanks for bringing this concept home. It’s amazing that once people hide behind a computer they forget that there are other people on the other side.

    Rapport is People Skills 101

    Ask questions. LISTEN. And respond.

    If you have to be on a computer, get on Skype and use some virtual eye contact. Put on a nice shirt, smile and sit up straight!

    Communication through different mediums is key!

  • Derrick Strode

    Great info. I just joined the emarketers group and am glad I did.
    My equation for online success is give, give, give; then recieve. It works.

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