Layla Black will not be Silenced (Video says it all)

I, Layla Black… will not be Silenced.

After dealing with one of the most difficult and painful situations in my life… I have been wanting to cut this video for 2 months.

Big Bad owners and Billion Dollar Legal Teams scared me into Silence.

I know that I am not alone.

Network Marketing CEOEVERY SINGLE LEADER IN NETWORK MARKETING that I have met has been screwed over by their company at one time in their life. Unfortunately, it’s a fact in our industry.

If you are a Leader building a Network Marketing team, you OWN NOTHING. Your owners can change the comp plan, change the terms and conditions, keep your check, and keep your team… anytime they want.

So Why Are We So HAPPY to Walk Away from a $25K a month income?

Yeah we made more money than most of our friends….


  • We never saw our families, we were traveling to a new city every other weekend building momentum in specific markets.
  • 200 Calls a day (need a say more?)
  • We’d drive 4 hours for a Home Party where 3 guests would show up (When I can cut a video that thousands of people will watch while I sleep)
  • Preaching the dream, but living a Nightmare
  • We couldn’t keep telling our team to call their friends and family when that strategy just simply didn’t work for us.

If you have had a SLIMEY experience with a Network Marketing company changing the rules on you…. leave a comment cause I’d like to hear it.

So below you will see the video that I’ve wanted to cut for months…. and finally I am not AFRAID, because I know I made the right choice.

I know that I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be and All of this Happened for a Reason.

Press Play to Watch the Video that I’ve Been Keeping Quiet for the Last 2 Months.

There you have it…..

I have said my piece.

Now on with my mission. Toby and I are dedicated to teaching business owners what REALLY WORKS and what we did to build a massive brand, an asset, a skillset that allows us to decide how much we’re worth!

No I will not give you a link to join us.

No I will not get you to click a button to work with us.

That’s not the purpose of this Blog Post.

But I pledge to you this….

I, Layla Black,

will create an Army of

Empowered Marketers and

we will CHANGE the World 🙂



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  • Janie Theriault

    The video doesn’t work anymore, I guest, the BIG CEO cut itout :S

  • Nathan

    I was kind of shocked at hearing this from you and many others, but I really don’t know what happened and would like to know, because I want to know what I am getting into. Im a very honest person who doesn’t want to lie to people for business. I want to promote something I believe in. Can you point me to where I can find things out about Vi?

  • Cathy Hodgson

    T & L, I love you both. I still can visualize one of your 1st videos with mlsp and you were arguing on camera and then you sang a duet together! Tooo cool:) I got the news when in La Jolla at the Unstoppable Event, from Tom “Furry”. Floored me. And I understand totally. Too many times I’ve had dreams that never materialize despite time and $ invested. I am with you!

  • Sue Hanson

    Layla, I am ticked about what V did to you guys and I wasn’t even in it. It sucks. Selfishly though, I am glad you are back on board with EN . I will see you in Chicago . Rock on!

  • Laura Hauter

    Layla, loved the video, love your heart!

  • Ivan

    Hi Layla,
    You seem to be a great lady and great marketer,but I have to tell you something,after listening to your “revelations” after two months silence, I have no clue what is your “revalation” all about,first who keep you silent against your own wish,you don’t live in North Korea that someone can silence you to speak up whatever you beleive is the truth,or whatever really happend to you,I am still left guessing who silenced you and what company you are quiting,and for what reason’s?Just can’t beleive that anyone can silence you in saying the truth,after all you say you did give up 25K a month,there must be a reason you did give up 25K a month and from your video “revalations” I still have no clue what have happend to you and which company you are not with anymore….personally I believe your video “revalations” would help much more if you just simply say whatever you know is the true and just say it,without worrying that you will go to jail,after all you are not living in North Korea,but in [still] free country,so speak up,and say what ever happend to you so others can learn something that can save them time and money…by going in wrong direction with wrong company,etc…that will be true revalation and help to all of your members and the rest…Take care.

  • Ron

    I only know bits and pieces of the story, would like to know if there is anything that you could share with us as network marketers to avoid or maybe what to look for before joining a company to avoid what happened to you.

  • Melinda

    Wow, Layla! You are the bomb! I have so much respect for you!

  • EmpoweredMama

    You were and still are a TRUE leader. Many people say in ViSalus that they are “Servant Driven” leaders, but it came down to being SLAVE DRIVERS!!!!! You have no life, and if you do you werent working hard enough. The “Lists” chasing everyone you know down, spamming facebook doesnt work. REAL internet marketing WORKS! You didnt deserve what happened to you, their loss, and you will continue to be sucessfull and help people along the way!!!! YOU ROCK!

  • Murray

    Great to hear you shake it off! We love you too and we got your back. We’re all rowing in the same direction here. The sky is the limit!

  • Milena

    I was not on your team, but was one of those who watched you and your team! Girl, you will go places! Do you know why? Because you are real, and you show you care! People who speak about their integrity and ethics have loads to learn from you about what integrity and ethics actually are! I only wish I’d known you better!

    Best of luck in your mission! You are a true Rockstar!

  • Nicole long

    Hey Layla – glad you posted the video and were able to get to a place of clarity and purpose. You have been a gift to us all but never ever forget to be that gift for yourself. The industry we work in has so many positive aspects yet it can get real cheeky also – I’m glad you stuck to your true purpose and morals. You are a God send and a great mentor – let no one or nothing get you down. God bless you and Toby both !!!!

  • Aisha

    I <3 Ya back. I thank you for this video, because it's the reason I follow you, I learn from you and fellowship with you. With having young children, the option of traveling all over the place was not what I wanted, nor could do. I started to work from home to be more available for my children, (I even made a video about it on my blog).
    I was working outside of my home 16 hour days, fighting with my husband because most of my time was not "paid" time.
    I thank you and Toby for showing us a better way, for fighting the "EVIL DOERS", the Haters who can't do what you all have done.
    Relationships can be developed online….(eharmony thinks so) so why NOT build a business that way to! "The 2013 Freedom Fighter of the Web" AWESOME!!

  • Heather

    Layla! I absolutely love you guys and am glad I got to meet you even so briefly. I am looking to refocusing and working at what I want. I hope to be taking with you soon!

    You Guys Rock!! <3
    ~ Heather

  • Angel Taylor

    I’ve never gotten the chance to work with you over the years but I’ve always thought you and Toby were awesome. You’re a class act all the way. Maybe I’ll see you guys in Chicago 🙂


  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks Met…. I hated that I was never even allowed to say goodbye, and tell the people I love just how much our journey together truly meant to me.

  • Met Rivers

    I feel you on that Layla!

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