LEAKED: Underground “PIMP” Video of Layla Black baring it ALL

Layla Black here!

I am stripping it all down in this hush hush Underground Video.

The Naked truth 😉

Raw and in the flesh…. (Even with a couple of bloopers… just to make it authentic lol)

 Who Wants a Roadmap???

In this video I not only take you through our journey online, but I give you my Fundamental Internet Marketing toolbox and one Secret right around the 6 Minute Mark that had literally made us over $70,000 in October. (Obviously we must make the disclaimer that not everyone who follows our Roadmap will make $100K a month… in fact, most won’t. But if you are LIKE US…. then keep reading)

The “Pimping” Concept TOTALLY transformed our brand, our business, and of course our bank account. Which is why this video will not be live for long.

So while you drink your coffee this morning, take the time to watch this video… if you’re interested in duplicating our results that is. IF NOT, no worry… go back to farmville and we’ll take it from here.


(Minute 23:05 shows my blooper lol…. “If you buy the $47 package… you get…..” totally forgot to mention the bonuses you get!!! See even the pros mess up their videos hahahahaha)


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