Lightyear Wireless Review – A Closer Look at Lightyear Wireless

Lightyear Wireless ReviewLightyear Wireless is a telecom company based out of Louisville, Kentucky. The business is a part of larger parent company Lightyear Network Solutions, which has been in operation for 18 years and is a publicly traded company. Lightyear Network Solutions was founded by Sherman Henderson.

Lightyear Wireless is a network marketing business, depending on a network of independent reps to sell up their products. But unlike mammoth network marketing telecom company ACN, they focus on cell phones and wireless plans with larger companies like Verizon and Sprint, with interests in VOIP, calling cards, satellite TV, and energy as well.

How Lightyear Wireless Works

Essentially, Lightyear Wireless is a “MVNO” or Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Representatives sell services of bigger companies (like Verizon and Sprint) to customers, and the company reaps an affiliate sales benefit. Reps are paid roughly 10% of the monthly bill that their clients pay.

There are many options for those looking to get into the organization, and all involve making an investment into the organization before signing on as an independent rep. The minimum investment amount is $50, which gives you one-month free on your company website, and includes a sales kit to help you get started. The highest investment is roughly $300, and that investment offers more promotional materials and commissionable sales. It costs an extra $25 to activate your company website.

Is Lightyear Wireless a Good Investment Opportunity?

Lightyear Wireless is not one of the greatest cost-effective opportunities on the market, as it absolutely requires a bit of start-up capital to get going with your business. But Lightyear claims that their reputation as a service provider is much better than various other telecom network marketing companies, and that their products and plans are trusted by many. They try to gain more network marketers by stating that the process will be fairly easy, and everyone can make money by selling cell phone service plans to their family and friends.

This is a difficult market because, first and foremost, many people already have cell phones and cell phone plans. In addition, it can be extremely tough to market to family and friends and rely on just those people for your livelihood and income.

The most proven method of network marketing, especially for a company like Lightyear Wireless, is harnessing the power of the internet and telephone to generate warm leads and build a downline. Ultimately, generating your own leads is the best way to generate sustainable success.

Luckily, there are a lot of experts in the industry willing to share their knowledge. And it’s probable for any person to know the “tricks of the trade” with a bit of determination and the right resources.

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