LiveSmart360 Review – Is It A Good Choice for Beginners?

LiveSmart360 ReviewA Deeper Look Into a Global Company

LiveSmart360 is a new company founded by Mark McCool, the current CEO. Following last year’s global soft launch, the company is multiplying in 2011. McCool, with 20 years in the industry, plans to change the way network marketing works.

The company’s main products are mists that increase nutrient absorption into the body. There are several varieties, for early morning, late night, restoring, replenishing, and many more. The goal is for these products to help users better absorb nutrients in the food they eat.

Other products include the “360” line, a beverage that helps normalize body functions for better performance in everyday activities.

An array of vitamins are also available, with antioxidants, ellagic acid, and fruits and greens to assist with things like joint and muscle maintenance and general wellbeing.

LiveSmart360 – The Possibility

LiveSmart360 states that because your life is a counterpart of your financial options, it’s important to maximize your time and effort by joining their team. But is the chance good for new network marketers?

What All New Marketers Need To Understand

Network marketing functions in many ways. First, new team members typically increase profits from retail sales. LiveSmart360 offers wholesale products for resale, and also offers a laundry list of incentives and bonuses. Team members start building their own teams (the company allows representatives to build two teams) and benefitting from the sales of each one in their downline.

Many MLM companies just work out of their home countries. LiveSmart360 is based in Florida, but they are expanding quickly to other countries: Singapore, Jamaica, Malaysia, and soon in the Philippines and Australia.

This is another consideration for new team members. The global market could be quite encouraging, if one knows how to apply business knowledge to a world-wide customer base. On the other hand, competition could be fierce in a multi-nation MLM program, with less room at the top. How can new marketers tell if this is a great opportunity or not?

As with all things in life, the key to determining whether a rep will succeed or depends mostly on the rep. The company’s history, the bonus program, and the actual product quality should all be taken into consideration. But ultimately, the quality of the representative is what makes or breaks an opportunity.

The Problem For New Marketers

One issue with LiveSmart360 is their preferred marketing method. Like a lot of other network marketing companies, this one encourages new representatives to start with a customer base they know. This “friends and family” technique only works in the short-term. Reps find that it’s tough to continue building a large team and selling products when their customer base is mostly the people they know.

The internet is a network marketer’s best friend, but most people don’t know how to harness that power and translate it into huge conversion rates, sales, and downlines. It takes proper training, business knowledge, and determination to start a truly scalable, successful business for yourself.

The nutrition and wellness enterprise has proven to create great wealth for a large number of people. But because it’s so well-known at the moment, a lot of new representatives are getting into the game, and the market is flooded with products.

It’s crucial for new representatives to understand the market and cut through the noise with a great sales pitch, credible web persona, and all the search engine optimization skills to back it up.

The Final Word on LiveSmart360

These are abilities that many people can (and have) learned, and apply on a daily basis to get thousands of hits on websites for nutritional products. LiveSmart360 may be a good way for new representatives to get into the market, but the knowledge base to succeed has to be there first.

Toby & Layla wrote this LiveSmart360 Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most LiveSmart360 distributors will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate sufficient leads for their company. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit Toby & Layla’s MLM Training

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