Love the One You’re With

Life can be pretty nuts right?

Especially when you are juggling a family, a relationship, and building a business … while most still have their full-time jobs.

That’s why it’s so important to truly appreciate the abundance that surrounds you all the time.

I wanted to take a quick moment to put all the craziness of System Launches, and Affiliate contests, and War Room sessions… to step back and show my love to a man that changed my life….

Toby Black, was a rebel. Growing up in Scotland he was a definite “trouble maker” and written off by every teacher that ever met him.

But I believe it’s his “I AM WHO I AM” attitude and his “NO FAIL” hard headed Scottish drive that’s created a 6 Figure a Month income for us.

Leave a comment if Toby Black has made a significant impact in some area of your life. Share your stories.

Press Play to see the Love Letter Toby Got!

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