Marshall Sylver’s Turning Point Event: A True Story

There are moments in your life, that are Turning Points. Marshall Sylver’s 2 Day Event was one of those Moments for Us.

We attended Marshall Sylver’s Turning Point Event only about 4 Months ago and we walked out of the Event feeling like completely NEW PEOPLE. It was at that moment where we had the Millionaire Mindset shift. From the point where we had the internal subconscious shift of fulling BELIEVING that we already were Millionaires, that’s when incredible things started to happen.

This is not one of those fluffy Seminars that doesn’t give you real substance. We learned more about ourselves in these 2 days than we had in all the self help audios and tapes. We learned more about being WEALTHY than ANYONE had ever showed us in our lives.

Our results really speak for themselves. After we left that 2 Day event, changed people…. we went to work HARD. If you’re not sure if this seminar will work for you…. LOOK WHAT IT DID FOR US!

Now THIS is what we call a Shift:

  • #1 Recruiters in our Primary Company out of 46 Different Countries!
  • Earned Our First 5 Figure Week
  • Personally Recruited over 110 People in just over 2 months
  • Grew that team to over 600 Reps and created a Family Like Glue in that short time
  • Have helped Hundreds of People Change their lives, quit their jobs, and find Freedom
  • Earned more in our last 4 Months than our entire year in Network Marketing

Those are some pretty impressive results…. and our Turning Point definitely happened at Marshall Sylver’s Event.

We didn’t have $4,000 to pay for the First Million Event. But instead of saying to ourselves, we can’t afford this…. we knew if we were serious about being successful we had to invest in ourselves… so we asked “How can we afford this!?”

Since we’re on our way to First Million in Las Vegas NV today…. we found a way.

Watch this Video and See How Turning Point Can Change YOUR Life Like it Did Ours! Our Bank Account TRIPLED After This Life Changing Event!

Turning Point Tickets Typically Go for $1997.00 EACH… If You are SERIOUS About Being Successful and Tripling Your Bank Account, and You Are A Driven and Motivated Individual That Doesn’t Let Excuses Get In the Way…. CLICK HERE NOW and Register for a Chance to Get 2 FREE TICKETS to the Next Turning Point Event.

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  • Karen Marrow

    Toby and Layla,

    Thanks for sharing. I heard Marshall speak at an event last month in Vegas. He is truly amazing. But what I have come to realize is how many lives he is changing. Looking forward to attending one of his events.

    Congrats on your achievements!!!


  • Santoria Harris

    Hey Toby and Layla! I attending the turning point seminar a couple of weeks ago with Cedrick and it was a complete transformation. Marshall Sylver gave so much value that my mind was overloaded. Its events like these that will send your personal developement into full throttle. I am now a FIRE EATER! Toby and Layla you are such great rolemodels and I look up to you both! Love Ya 🙂

  • Mike Rao-Leadership Coach

    I want to triple my bank account. Would love to win those tickets. Either way, glad to be on the team.

  • Matson Magleby

    Sounds pretty cool

  • Sherman Smith

    Im going to have to keep this event in mind! Thanks for sharing~

  • Cassandra

    Hi Toby & Layla I was just at a Turning Point Conference last weekend and it was absolutely wonderful. Marshall is just off the hook! I received a wealth of knowledge. Can’t wait for the next event. I look forward to meeting you both soon at one of the events, because I plan on attending all of them.

  • Bill Shoemaker

    Thank You for the information and opportunity.

  • Eric Burnett

    I’m have to attend this next event… this seems so amazing. thanks for sharing this guys.

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