How Do I Send Mass Messages to My Facebook Friends and Fan Page?

Here’s a quick tip for all of you Rockstars that are taking over Facebook.

Facebook is overtaking Google, so if you’re NOT on Facebook… you need to do that TODAY. You need to learn this incredible traffic source inside and out. This is the most powerful social network on the planet, so you want to position yourself right in the middle of it.

This is a question that came up in our Team Skype Chat (PS. If you’re in our team and not in the Chat Room yet add us layla.staats and toby1616 and we will add you) so I wanted to answer it for the MASSES.

How the Heck do you Send Mass Messages Out to Your Facebook Friends and Fan Page?

Watch the video and learn ….

Have a Great Weekend folks!!!!!

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  • Networking with Carl and Danielle

    Thanks Layla for that information. It would be a little to time consuming to try and message each person individually…
    I love group mailings. 🙂

  • Toby & Layla

    If you check out some of our other Facebook Trainings you’ll see some Newbie stuff 🙂

    Just go to the right column under categories.

  • Ben Evans

    Hi guys! cool video!…..are you planning to do any videos on free traffic or how to copy an paste links to promote anything like websites etc!?..(and yes im talking really basic newb stuff!

  • Met Rivers

    Thanks for the tidbit. You guys ROCK!

  • Kevin McNabb

    Toby & Layla,

    Great little tip! I was wondering how to do that this morning.

    The both of you are doing great work out there so keep up the excitement! The tide raises all ships…


  • Toby & Layla

    Hey Judy… yes you need to have a group. You can create one easily…. and then invite all the friends you’ve been adding to it.

    The regular profile is a good place to start, but if you want to get into real marketing on Facebook you should branch out into Groups and Fanpages.

    Hope that helps Judy! 🙂

  • Judy D

    I listened to your video of how to send out mass messages. However, I do not have a “message” under my photo. So I assume you must have to have a group and not a regular face book page. hmmm . . . I have been building up friends on my face book page and now I am finding out I need to have a group page. So is there an easy way to change it to group?

    I have been wanting this answer of how to do mass mailings, so thank you.
    I think people are wondering how to do mass mailings is because they do not have the capabilities to do it. They are probably like me. . . just have a regular face book page.

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