Stop Paying for Your MLM Business Leads By Using The Top 2 FREE Tools


We all know how powerful Keyword Research is when trying to generate MLM business leads, but few know how to do it properly. Toby and I are holding nothing back with this article.

We are giving you our exact secret formula for Search Engine Domination. These are the tools you need when choosing your keywords, to guarantee you are going to bring in MLM Business leads, and guess what…

They are absolutely FREE.

Google is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and a single click from Google can go for as high as $50.00. The reason Google is so valuable is because of precise targeting that Search Engine Marketing offers.

Generating targeted MLM leads for your home business is not some scientific formula, if you are using the right tools.

The first keyword tool you need to start using right away is the Google Adwords Keywords Tools.

Why Google Adwords Keywords Tool?

–         It’s Free

–         It shows the approximate search volume of Google

–         It provides related search terms and their search volumes

–         You are shown SEVERAL options

You want to think like your leads for a second. What do they need? What would they type into the box.

You want to target “long-tail” keywords. So instead of going for a highly competitive word like “home based business” target sub-niche or long-tail keywords like “best home based business in Florida”.

We are giving you some of our best MLM business lead generation tips here.

Our magic monthly search volume number is 1,500-2,500. We refer to this as the “sweet spot”. Compile a list of about 10-15 that fall into the sweet spot and click “Add” and download them into a text file.

Once you have your list of keywords the next step is critical to ensuring you are going to hit the front page of Google. Just because the keyword falls into the Sweet Spot, doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of competition.

Competition analysis is extremely important if you are to have any chance of actually bringing in MLM leads for your home business.

So you are ready to start dominating the search engines and generating massive MLM leads for your business.

This one strategy alone has generated tons of traffic and tons of leads for our MLM Home Business.

Before Toby and I were writing articles and receiving maybe 400 or 500 hits a week on our Blog. After implementing this one Keyword strategy our Blog gets well into the thousands each and every week.

Pretty cool eh?

If you’ve chosen your keywords, Competition analysis is your next step in the formula.

Using the Free SEO tool for Firefox. This awesome little add on lets you see a websites page rank, the keyword density, a link report and lots of other awesome stuff.

Now here are the steps for Competition Analysis:

1. Type in your keyword or phrase into Google

2. Use the SEO tool for Firefox you will see the PR (Page Rank) for each of the Top 10 competing sites on the first page of Google

3. Add the PR values for each of these sites and divide by 10 to get an Average Page Rank for this keyword

4. Anything above 3 will take far too long to rank for, anything fewer than 3 is a keeper!

And you are DONE! Let the ranking begin and watch your MLM business leads pile up.

So you are now ready to take the Red Pill and start Internet Marketing Domination Click Here Now.


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  • amy

    Iam in South africa and want to know morew about your success and in what month did you satart earning money
    Please if we can talk online via Skype to discuss the pro’s and cons of your system
    I am hesitant to buy into extensive expensive systems and i am new at it only sarting now

    Skype ID amelita8211

  • Toby & Layla

    Thanks Cherry! Our goal is to help people as much as possible!
    These strategies work phenomenally for us…. so why not share!

  • Cherry

    Hi Toby&Layla, thanks for sharing , u both are so talented and also hard working.
    I believe many people will benefit alot from the information you provided.

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