Your MLM Business Needs Leads To Survive! Give It a Life Line Today

retweetWe are going to share with you some insight into the world of MLM Business Leads. Once you have read to the bottom of the page and pressed the ReTweet Button you will understand why you should never be in MLM Lead Poverty again.

Leads into your MLM home business is the life line to your funds..aka.. your MLM profit margin. If the leads run out, so does the money.

You need people to talk to, right?.

But not just anyone to talk to.

That is the problem with traditional methods of Network Marketing. We are told to go out and make a huge big list and call everyone on it.

But the problem there is it takes an “A” type personality to actually achieve any success with these methods.

What is a “A” type personality you ask? It’s someone who can take 149 people saying no to them so they can find the one that says yes.

I think “they” call it flipping rocks.

Ok before I go off on a rant on how old school ways of MLM Marketing are played out I will get back to why we are here.

3 Simple Rules To Get You Into The Profit Land Of MLM Business Leads.

–  Never ever, ever start a connection with someone and tell them about your company. Meaning when you talk to someone for the first time don’t let the first thing out of your mouth be “ My company has this or my company does that”.  No one cares. People do business with people not comp plans or company products.

–  Always give 10 times the value they ask for or pay for. Always over achieve. Watch your conversion rate of leads or the attraction of leads sky rocket when you are giving so much value the person feels guilty for what they got.

–  Never talk or write something bad about a company or a product or a person. Even though the internet has 1,668,870,408 users on it it’s still a small place. Meaning word can travel fast about social media and search engines if you are talking bad about something or someone.

Using these 3 simple  rules you will definitely see a huge improvement in your MLM Home Business Leads.

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