How Filling Up Your Gas Tank 3 Times a Day Will Explode Your MLM Business Leads

retweetAfter mastering the Online MLM strategies and techniques that there are out there to learn you will notice hundreds of MLM business leads into our pipeline. However, do not forget about the offline MLM lead strategies especially this one.

When people think of Offline Traditional MLM Marketing techniques they think of the 3 foot rule, Hotel Meetings, recruiting waitresses and practically everyone you meet. Right?

But this offline marketing strategy doesn’t require you to talk to a single person.

With 95% of Network Marketers failing, people are losing faith in these old tactics. The reason they don’t work for the masses is because only 15% of the population actually have the Fearless “A Type” personality to make them work.

So when we saw that this Offline tactic didn’t require you to even speak to people, Toby and I realized it had some HUGE potential.

We are talking about Drop Cards. These business cards look identical to $100.00 bills. When we say identical, we mean identical.


These business cards will generate results.

Here’s how filling up your gas tank is going to bring you MLM business leads.

It’s so simple, but so effective.

So when you pull up to the gas station and finish pumping your gas all you need to do is stick one of these $100 bill Drop cards right in the credit card slot.

If you saw $100 sticking out of a gas pump would you check it out?

You absolutely would.

With your website printed on these cards and a catchy phrase like “The #1 Way to Fire Your Boss” or “Make Money From Home the Smart Way” the $100 Drop Cards will bring you leads for your home business that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

And what if they aren’t interested in being a lead? What if they read the card and throw it on the ground?

The next person that pulls up to the gas station is going to see a $100 bill there on the ground and what are they going to do? They are going to pick up and read it and become a business lead.

This is just one of the phenomenal ways that you can use $100 Drop cards to explode your MLM leads and recruit people into your business without saying a word.

Toby and I have discovered this amazing versatile lead generating strategy from our good friend Cedrick Harris. This is a gate way to endless ways to implement these Drop cards into your MLM Marketing arsenal.

What about your local bookstore?

Books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich are going to attract a certain type of person right? There are so many books out there on self-development and improving your financial situations that this strategy has no limits.

Go into the store and stick your $100 Drop Card in the last chapter of these types of books. Not only will the $100 look a like card get their attention but they are already in the mindset of looking for business opportunities.

The Drop cards are not expensive, and if you don’t have the personality where you can go up to that person face to face, they are the answer to your prayers!

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