MLM Clue: Don’t have a clue what to do in your MLM?

mlm clueNote a clue in your MLM business?

Relax, we have all felt that way before.

I remember when Layla and I first got started inside MLM. It felt like we had just heard a breaking news story and our entire world was going to change overnight.

We were told if we just get 2, who then get 2, who then they get 2. Our entire world would shift and all the money we ever would need in life would come streaming down from the heavens.

Ok maybe they didn’t say that. But they sure made it sound just like it.

Wouldn’t you agree?


The thing is though. Old school techniques like calling everyone on your phone and getting em round to your house for a “party” (an awkward party no ones enjoys), don’t work for 97% of people. Not because they can’t work for them. Because that group of people don’t want to do that.

Going through the anxiety of

– “what if people don’t show up?”

– “My top leader is coming and I don’t want to disappoint them”

– “Are my friends going to hate me for this”

– And the list goes on and on.

 Need an MLM Clue?

You have had that feeling right?

Course you have.

It wasn’t until Layla and I found the Internet that success found it’s way to us. We failed miserably in MLM before we knew how to market online. We didn’t have a clue!

Even with all the “help” from our leaders “LOL” and the so called systems in place. We just couldn’t make it happen. When we found the internet and started marketing online in simple and easy to learn methods. We started to see results.

We started to recruit people into your business. We started making some affiliate commissions. And before you know it. We were doing 10k a month with a giant team behind us.

Now I am not saying we didn’t have to learn new things, work really hard and dedicate time out of our lives to make it. We did. But it wasn’t awkaard, it wasn’t stressful, we didn’t have to reunion the relationships with our friends.

We could do it in our own time. At home while chilling and loving our friends and family. We could do it while on the beach in Florida or any where in the world we decided to go.

Check out this Info-Graph on getting a clue inside mlm/internet marketing below now!

mlm clue news

 You have know found the first clue for your success in MLM. What are you doing to do with it? Are you going to take action on what you have learned? Or are you going to let this slip away and leave you clueless inside of your mlm biz?

It is actually pretty simple. If you would like to know more about how you can tap into the resources we use daily to marketing our business online. Simply click the banner below now. Have a great day and I hope this started to give you a clue inside your mlm.


– Toby & Layla Black

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  • Salomae625

    I actually found humor in the part about “knowing 2 who also know 2” so on and so forth because I was told the same thing and I’m sure most of us in this industry are taught as much. It’s such a rude awakening to find out that it doesn’t always work for everyone. With that in mind, I decided to learn as much of the Internet marketing game as I can and how to do it PROPERLY.

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