Hot Off the Press: An MLM Pay Per Click Tip from our Good Friend, Cedrick Harris!

tweet3Toby and I had a chance to sit down and talk with Cedrick Harris about his Mastermind MLM marketing techniques. This guy is tearing up the online and offline marketing scene. He’s the top Recruiter in the online system MLMLeadSystemPro with a 50% closing rate.

When we asked him what one of his top MLM marketing strategies is online he told us it was Pay Per Click. So for all of our followers that are involved or looking to get involved with Pay Per Click, this tip is for you.

Cedrick Harris says the most important thing is to do your company research. He refers MLM Marketers to get familiar with a phenomenal site called

This site sends frequent updates on the most recently launched MLM companies.

Here’s the Key: Be FIRST to Target the Company.

Not first IN the company (we’ve gone over the dangers of Start-Up companies in the past), but the first to target the company. Google will recognize this and give your site a higher ranking.

Take this insider secret and run with it folks. Cedrick Harris is a superstar in the MLM business.

If you want to know all of our Mastermind Marketer’s MLM Secret Tips make sure to check out

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  • Kelechi Ibe

    Please Toby and Layla do not tell me no one has commented on the particular post. I have been hearing a lot about you guys. Am a member of MLSP too. Am just so impressed by your sincerity and about how you care for your readers.. Guys and Gals.. you heard it.. 🙂 Be the First.. I like that

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