A Third Party Review: How to Make Money in Avon

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There is always that question, how can I make my MLM home business work?

Avon is one of the oldest MLM giants out there that has been utilizing the Direct Selling/MLM distribution model for more than a century.

This third party Avon review will answer many of your questions and give you an overview of the company, but more importantly will give you the answer to your question. How can I generate leads and make real money in my Avon home business?

The History

Avon started in 1886 by David H. McConnel and initially started as the California Perfume Company. The Avon headquarters is located in New York NY and now brings in $9.9 Billion in Revenue annually.

The average income of the top level Senior Executive Unit Leader is around $134,000. The Avon compensation plan pays 50% commission on your first 4 orders and then a 20% commission after that.

It only costs $10 to enrol as an Avon distributor. In order to make a substancial income as an Avon rep you need to have quite a large customer base, which can be difficult to do with so many Avon reps out there.

Another option is to utilize the Mult-Level Marketing aspect of Avon and recruit sales reps. You earn $20 per recruit for every recruit above 2 during the campaign period (which is usually 2 weeks).

If you want to make money from your sales team’s volume you have to reach the position of Unit Leader.

Qualifying Factors to Rank as a Unit Leader:

– $250.00 in personal

– At least 5 recruits who’s sales total $1200.00

You then earn anywhere from 3-7% on any order made by your recruits that is at least $100 and also 0.5 to 1% on the orders from their recruits that is at least $100.

So to make a serious income as an Avon distributor and maximize on the pay plan, you are going to need a lot of customers and a lot of recruits that get customers.

Broken down, if you want to earn $500 a month you’d need to sell $1000 worth and since the average order is $25 that would mean you’d need 80 customer orders.

Prospecting Route

If you go the prospecting route:

50% sign up rate = 80 prospects a month
25% sign up rate = 160 prospects a month
10% sign up rate = 400 prospects a month

As you might be thinking… that’s a lot of work for $500.00!

Traditionally Avon has been  marketed through women. The popular home parties and catalogue drops have helped many entrepreneurial women make decent incomes.

The opportunity has completely changed as technology has evolved. The Avon name gets 10 Million searches on Google each month. These could be customers and also new potential recruits. The MLM industry is exploding on Google, and the Avon reps that are positioned online are seeing their numbers explode.

Does it not make sense to attract traffic online from people that are actively seeking what you have to offer?

The Internet is the most logical way to reach the masses and make more than $500.00 a month in your Avon business.

So how do you market online?

It’s not that difficult. In order to market anything online you will need a way for people to connect with you, a place where they can leave their information, and you can generate leads.

You need to be positioned online as a leader and easily found in search engines. You have to offer new prospects value and give them a reason to want to join you in business.

To learn more about generating MLM leads for Avon and building your Avon business online click here: http://Avon.YourMillionaireMLMTraining.com


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