How To Get Yourself On Right The Track With Google with 3 Simple But Commonly Missed Steps…


Once you have read this MLM training article to the bottom and have pressed the ReTweet button you will understand SEO (search engine optimization) a little better and have your MLM Online Business nearer the top pages of the search engines.

First off SEO is not something to be intimidated by.

For some reason in the Online MLM game some individuals believe that Search Engine Optimization is a difficult marketing strategy and it’s not so easy to tackle. We are here to tell you that’s not true. Of course you must have a little bit of computer knowledge but not that much.

Once you have got a good grasp on SEO you will unlock an endless stream of Leads for your Online MLM Business. Yes you read that right, FREE.


All Search Engine Optimization means is getting your MLM Business to the first page of any search engine when individuals type in certain keywords for free.

You might ask “How do I do this?”

Easy but it takes time. But anything worth doing is worth doing right, right?

The reason the SEO strategy is so powerful is because studies have shown time and time again that organic results on Google i.e. the left hand side results gets way more eyes on them rather than the paid (sponsored) sites on the right.

The basic principals when doing the SEO strategy is getting as many keywords for your target market (Network Marketing) as many times on the page that you possible can.

Imagine being on the first page of Google and other Search Engine’s for phrases like “Home Based Business” or “MLM”. Your traffic, leads and then profits would all see an enormous improvement.

Another reason this strategy is so powerful as apposed to PPC (Pay Per Click) is that one is free and one has taking many a Networker to their MLM grave.

I’m not saying that PPC isn’t an amazing and so so affective way of Marketing but it takes a lot of Time, Money and patience and that’s something that a lot of us just don’t have.

So here is 3 Simple Steps to help your SEO value.

  1. Use Keywords – But make sure your Keywords are targeted and specific. We suggest using Google’s Free Keyword tool to see how much competition there is for your chosen keywords.
  2. Use Keyword Tags Properly – When you set up your MLM site or post any kind of relevant content use these areas to put in your keywords. Normally there is the Title Tags, Meta Tags and the Description box. Make sure your keywords are in all of them to ensure the Search Engines can locate your content.
  3. Webpage Popularity – Search engines kind of treat it like a high school prom. Meaning that the more votes (links) you can get pointing back to your site the better rank you will get. We suggest doing this by Blogging, Article Marketing, Videos and Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter

Remember that this strategy does take time but those that persevere  and keep on doing it will see great, great results.

Especially with 147,000 people joining an MLM company a week and around 1,000,000 individuals coming online a week for information on the Network Marketing Industry.

Now that’s a lot keywords and pages for you to “get on”.

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  • Toby & Layla

    Alex… the key to success is ALWAYS being a student. You have the right mentality.
    All the strategies are there for you to learn, if you are committed to learning.

    Thanks for the comment Alex!

  • Alex Carson

    As a newbie mlmer I am always doing research for tips from as many different sources as possible. I do not believe I’ll ever learn enough to be satisfied…but persistence is my passion.

  • Polprav

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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